Tripwire Goes to San Diego

Fab Brit genre magazine Tripwire continues its yearly San Diego Comic-Con tradition by premiering its third Tripwire Annual at the world’s best-known genre media convention. A stunning Jeff Carlisle full colour original Nick Fury cover sets the tone for the… Read More ›

In Review: Dangerous Ink

After we plugged the alternative arts magazine Dangerous Ink recently, editor Tom Green very kindly sent downthetubes copies of the most recent issues — and I’m very impressed. Quite aside from the comics-related interviews — which include 1960s Batman actor… Read More ›

So Long To Scrye

More bad news in the niche magazine market with word via ICv2 that F&W Media has decided to end publication of Scrye magazine with its April 2009 issue (#131). Founded back in 1993, Scrye is the longest running periodical reporting… Read More ›