Latest issue of Illustrators spotlights Brooke Boynton Hughes, Septimus Scott and more

Illustrators Issue 13

The latest issue of Illustrators, the sumptuous art quarterly presenting the world’s finest illustrators, will ship from publishers Book Palace Books at the end of January.

Artists featured in issue 13 include:

  • Mitch O’Connell – the “world’s best artist” bares his soul
  • Septimus Scott – the swashbuckling septugenarian
  • Jeff Miracola – the busy artist whose life and work are inspirational
  • Brooke Boynton Hughes – creator of exquisite and captivating children’s art
  • Tor Upson – Damien Hirst’s painting assistant
Art by Brooke Boynton Hughes

Art by Brooke Boynton Hughes

Children’s art illustrator Brooke Boynton Hughes, just one of the artists featured, grew up in Loveland, Colorado, where she spent her childhood days drawing cats, mermaids, and treehouses. In 2001 she earned a BFA in Printmaking from Colorado State University and after a brief move to Austin, Texas, headed to New York City where she attended the New York Academy of Art and earned an MFA in Figurative Art with a concentration in drawing and relief printmaking. She has been a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators since 2005.

These days she works on children’s books while living a nomadic life with her husband, Bill, dog Olive in their RV, Daisy. (Their cat, James K. Pants, decided he’d rather wait for us in Colorado while they’re on the road).

Her latest work features in Henry Wants More!, written by Linda Ashman, which will be published by Random House later this month. She’s previously illustrated Baby Love by Angela DiTerlizzi and Cupcake Cousins, written by Kate Hannigan. A second Cupcake Cousins book, Summer Showers, will be released in JUne.

More like a book than a magazine, illustrators is a 96-page art quarterly devoted to the finest illustration art ever published, guiding you through the stories behind the artists and their art, with features written by some of leading authorities on this important art form. It also offers a number of regular features including The Bookshelf and letters.

As well as building into an indispensable reference library, illustrators gives readers an insight into the creative process, from idea to sketch to painting, and from painting to the image seen by millions.

Offering truly fabulous artwork abounds in every issue, much of the art taken from scans of the original work, the magazine is the work of Diego Cordoba, David Ashford and Peter Richardson​; edited by Peter Richardson, the issue features art by Mitch O’Connell, Sep E Scott, Jeff Miracola, Brooke Boynton Hughes and Tor Upson.

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