Hong Kong’s Panda-a-Panda comic heads to animation after stunning Kickstarter success



Popular Hong Kong comic series Panda-a-Panda has secured funding to launch its first stop motion animation through Kickstarter, teaming with JazWings, a platform to help creators bring their ideas for characters, toys, games and more to life, to take it global.

Panda-a-Panda, which stars clever bears On and Guy Guy, has entertained for 10 years in Hong Kong and, based on the amount of spin-off merchandise you can view on the strip’s official site and Facebook page, it’s clearly become something of a phenomenon there. JazWings and the team behind the comic hoped to raise $25,000 using the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform 60 day campaign – but even they seem to be a bit astonished at securing their ambitious target in just 48 hours.

In response, as backers continue to fund the campaign, JazWings – an offshoot of manufacturing and toy company, JazWares – will release new and exciting stretch goals such as digital comics, extra stop motion animation videos, and more.

Panda-a-Panda by creator Siuhak

Panda-a-Panda by creator Siuhak

To date, Panda-a-Panda has published more than 600 comic strips since being founded in 2005 by Siuhak. The team now hopes to send the characters On On and Guy Guy on a journey around the world.

“Extremely excited” to have exceeded expectations on this campaign. JazWings say they plan to continue to promote the campaign to build even more momentum for the Panda-a-Panda brand and the success is “only the beginning” for the company’s disruptive, new idea incubator platform that helps creators bring their ideas to life.

Jazwares, the global toy company behind JazWings, is set to pick up Panda-a-Panda as one of its own brands. Panda-a-Panda is the first brand to launch from the JazWings platform with many more to follow this year.

Now, Panda-a-Panda, with the support of JazWings, Jazwares and over a hundred backers will produce its very first stop motion animation and launch its product line worldwide.

“After living with these characters for 10 years, I want to share them with the world,” says creator Siuhak, who also created the comic strip Fake Forensic Science and opened a shop dedicated Panda-a-Panda in 2009. “I want to see On On and Guy Guy brought to life in the form of stop motion animation and bring joy and laughter to as many people as possible.

“I am excited to have partnered with JazWings and Kickstarter to kickstart the stop motion series and exclusive creations for the tenth anniversary of Panda-a-Panda.”

JazWings™: How It Works from JazWings on Vimeo.

A community for creative thinkers, JazWings is a disruptive new platform for creators to test their ideas and, with the support of Jazwares, a global toy company, launch those ideas from page to product.

Globally inclusive, JazWings is a supportive network for creators who want to take their idea to the next level and a hub for all creative thinkers who want to have a say in what the next big idea should be by becoming community members. JazWings accepts submissions from creators from all walks of life, anywhere in the world.

• Find out what the Panda-monium is all about by supporting the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1055338101/panda-a-panda-stop-motion-animation-world-tour

• Panda-a-Panda Official Site: www.panda-a-panda.com | Follow Panda-a-Panda on Facebook | Instagram

• JazzWings Platform: https://jazwings.com | Follow JazWings on Twitter @jaz_wings

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