It Would Change Everything: Students Pitch an Alternative Origin For Top Super Hero

Students from the University of Hertfordshire have launched a Kickstarter appeal for backers to make a not-for-profit film that would re-examine the origins of a major comics hero – and posit how a single murderous act might be changed, and thus change that hero forever.

Pitching to raise a modest £3000 with script, equipment and other support already gathered, project leader Hayley Buckingham and director Reuben Huchard hope to lead a team of dedicated student film makers in the making of a short film that would see Bruce Wayne, the Batman, sent back to the night his parents were murdered.

He’s given one chance to make it right, knowing it would change everything.

The project has already has caught the attention of film-dedicated web sites such as Shorts on Tap and looks to be well on the way to securing the funding needed to make the project happen, a film that asks what if the Dark Knight found himself in the very alleyway at the very moment his parents was about to be murdered? Would he prevent their deaths forever altering the course of history? Or would he forfeit this opportunity for a normal life? Leaving it to die alongside his parents that fateful night.

This moment- could change everything.

Hayley Buckingham and It Would Change Everything film director Reuben Huchard

Hayley Buckingham and It Would Change Everything film director Reuben Huchard

“As diehard comic fans we would love nothing more than to bring this narrative to life,” says Hayley, who recently returned from California where she’s been working on numerous film projects as a student. “While we will be adding our own twist we plan to incorporate the tone of the original Batman comics. Not just for ourselves, but for the viewer, and every other fan of the Dark Knight and the DC universe.”

Similar to themes in Frank Miller’s Sin City and the classic Tim Burton Batman movies, It Would Change Everything will exude a comic book, neo-noir feel. Accompanied only by voiceover much of the dramatic tension portrayed in the film will be enhanced through visual story-telling.

“We will utilize sophisticated camera techniques, cinematography tricks, and editing styles (including black and white with colour enhancement) to accent the cynical vibe of 1940s Gotham and emphasise the anxiety of Bruce’s predicament,: says Hayley. “From camera dollies to smoke machines, we all of the equipment that we need to make this production a success.

“However, we still have some holes in the budget to fill. Your contributions can help us make this film spectacular.”

With the University’s talented visual effects team on board and ready to turn a humble local back alley into Gotham and a dedicated team of Batman fans just waiting to get started, check out the project, which already has other backing from local businesses and other here on Kickstarter.


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