Unseen Art of Hollywood Storyboards heads to book shelves later this year

Storyboards: The Unseen Art of Hollywood by Trevor Goring - published by Hermes Press

Funded through Kickstarter, US publisher Hermes Press is to publish Storyboards: The Unseen Art of Hollywood by comics and storyboard artist Trevor Goring – whose credits include 2000AD and more – and his partner, the late Joyce Kaskey Goring, later this year.

A fascinating, wonderfully illustrated book detailing the history of film storyboards, the important and long-neglected art of storyboarding is given its due in this impressive-looking project, which gained the deserved support of both comic creators and film makers internationally, and the Art Directors Guild.

First mooted over twenty years ago, the book offers a comprehensive history of the art of film storyboards, providing a genre-by-genre discussion of over one hundred great films and their storyboards. It offers a visual tour running a huge range of classic and contemporary films, with examples of how directors utilise storyboards in the creation of their films.

The Unseen Art of Hollywood Storyboards by Trevor Goring - Sample Spread

Designed by Robert Payne Cabeen, the book includes examples of storyboards dating back as far as the 1930s, including SF adventure films such as Alien v Predator and Jurassic Park.

Trevor Goring at Wondercon in 2016. Courtesy Trevor Goring
Trevor Goring at Wondercon in 2016. Courtesy Trevor Goring

Trevor Goring – who will be a familiar face to some as a US convention guest – has had the pleasure of working with a lot of great Directors, Production Designers, Concept and Storyboard artists down the years and continues to work on graphic novels and video games.

After receiving a BA in Graphic Design at St. Martin’s School of Art in London, Trevor illustrated comics for 2000AD (working on “M.A.C.H. One” and “Dan Dare” with Garry Leach, among other strips), House of Hammer and more, and established the Soho-based advertising art company Helicopter Studios, working alongside comic creators such as the late Colin Andrew and Gerry Dolan, Martin Griffiths and Sydney Jordan.

2000AD Prog 32 - Cover by Trevor Goring
2000AD Prog 32 – Cover by Trevor Goring

He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1990s and entered his new career, storyboarding films such as The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, X-Men 2, Watchmen, Twilight and Real Steel, video games, TV shows and advertisements detailed on his official web site, most recently working on films such as The Dark Tower and Shanghai Fortress.

Storyboard for Fantastic Four by Trevor Goring
Storyboard for Fantastic Four by Trevor Goring

He also continued in comics with, among other books, Star Trek, Outlaw Territory, What If? Fallen Son (Marvel), Iron Siege (IDW), Torchwood, and the upcoming Psychopomp.

Trevor also collaborated on Ring Of Roses (Dark Horse/Image/Titan) and drew the original graphic novel Waterloo Sunset (Image), and is part of a virtual studio of illustrators, The BLvd.

Hermes Press is one of a handful of US publishers which exclusively produces books and comic strip reprints focusing on the art and artists of the comics, cartoon and comic strips, pulp magazines of the 1920s and 1930s, art books covering science fiction, and popular culture. The company has also used Kickstarter to fund a collection of Frank Thorne’s Ghita: An Erotic Treasury and The Lazy Goth: A Graphic Novel, available to pre-order here.

“We all know how hard it is to find great books on storyboarding, so if you are into filmmaking, storyboarding, and visual storytelling in general, check out this gem,” urged comic creator Stephan Franck, who also recently successfully funded his graphic novel, Palomino, through Kickstarter. “Extra bonus for me: it also contains great work from John Watkiss, who was also a dear friend but unfortunately is no longer with us.”

Be warned that Storyboards: The Unseen Art of Hollywood comes at a premium price, but for aspiring storyboard artists and fans of the art, this looks well worth saving up for before release, still currently scheduled for August.

You can pre-order Storyboards: The Unseen Art of Hollywood now from AmazonUK, scheduled for release in August 2020

Trevor Goring: Official Web Site

• The Blvd: www.theblvdstudio.com

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