Russell Nohelty and Neo Edmund’s virtual “Alt Free Comic Book Day 2020” archived online

Alt Free Comic Day 2020

With Free Comic Book Day postponed, creators Neo Edmund and Russell Nohelty hosted an Alt Free Comic Day – a Virtual Comic Event – over 1st and 2nd May 2020, filled with free digital books, tons of awesome panels, and great creators.

Offering 14 hours of live streaming you can sign up to hear about the next event and watch a replay here – or check out the videos below.

The main stage panels were live streamed to Russell’s web site, along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch. Attendees could interact with the panels of guests through the live video stream and comment feed. They asked hundreds of questions that were answered live on the air.

The event kicked off with a Keynote with Jimmy Palmiotti and guests included Kevin Eastman, Barbara Kesel, Walter Ostlie, Richard Starkings, Marv Wolfman and many. many more.

There was also a “Creator Stage”, delivered within the dedicated, interactive Facebook ALT FCBD Group, where tons of amazing creators answered questions in Reddit forum style AMAs (ask me anythings). They didn’t have video, but attendees interacted with them in real time. Some of the Main Stage guests also had an AMA in the Facebook group.

Best-selling author Russell Nohelty regularly delivers cool tips, tricks, and hacks for building creative business and offers a sort of “dumping ground” for anything he’s working on via YouTube, from his publishing company Wannabe Press, Kickstarter promotions and more.

Alongside the YouTube records of the Main Stage events, he’s also posted a guide to delivering Virtual Comic Events.

Russell Nohelty
Russell Nohelty

Russell’s podcast, The Complete Creative, features interviews with creators, writers and artists in an attempt to help listening creators build better businesses. Over 170 episodes have aired, interviewing creators such as Tim Powers, Dr. Debra HollandMarv WolfmanJim ZubJeff GoinsBen Templesmith, and many more.

On top of that, he runs the Facebook group called Writers and Authors Making Money Selling Books, which is totally free to join.

Neo Edmund
Neo Edmund

Neo Edmund, a child actor turned best-selling author, screenwriter, and comic book writer, began his career in Hollywood appearing on numerous television shows, most notably as a member of the infamous Putty Parole on 75 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo.

Optioning to pursue his passion for writing, he transitioned into the creative side of the film and TV industry, and currently writes teen and YA books, most notable his Red Riding Alpha Huntress Chronicles and numerous Power Rangers books.

The first issue of his new comic book series, The Grimms Town Terror Tales from Storm King Productions, was recently released as a free download, available here.

The Grimms Town Terror Tales follows the adventures of brother and sister duo Hansel & Gretel as they face off against a nefarious witch that commands a legion of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Along the way, the kids must unravel a series of mysteries in hopes of tracking down their parents, who have mysteriously vanished.

The Grimms Town Terror Tales

Armed with an awesome array of techno-magical weapons designed for paranormal butt-kicking (technological devices fuelled by magical energy), this dynamic duo must pick up where their parents left off, protecting Grimms Town from all the dreadful things that go bump in the night!

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• Russell Nohelty is online at | Twitter: @russellnohelty | Instagram: @russellnohelty | Facebook: /russellnohelty

• Neo Edmund is online at | Twitter

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