Space:1999 FX director Brian Johnson interviewed in latest Andersonic

Andersonic Issue 20The latest issue of the top Gerry Anderson-inspired fanzine Andersonic is on sale now and headlines a new interview with Brian Johnson, Space:1999‘s visual effects director, designer of the iconic Eagle transporter now getting plenty of attention from modellers thanks to Round 2 Models, who have just released a 1:48 scale model, complementing their other releases.

Brian also talks about his work on Stingray, Thunderbirds, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien/Aliens and more.

Also in the issue

  • Mark Harrison Interview – CG director on New Captain Scarlet and leader of the Scarlet Team, Mark discusses his work on Gerry Anderson’s last series
  • Thunderbirds 1965 – The Andersonic team take a trip to Slough and visit the set during the filming of ‘The Abominable Snowman’, the first of the three episodes made
  • Anderson Dream Episodes – Are they clever lateral thinking or a feeble cop-out?
  • Space: 1999: “Another Time, Another Place” – Mark Braxton reviews one of the first series’ weirder episodes.
  • Reviews – A review Alan Shubrook’s new book, the CD21 interview CDs and The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson DVD.
  • Strip Story – the Andersonic time machine goes back to 1965 to dissect the first issue of TV Century 21
  • Thunderbirds Are Go – An ‘episode guide’ for the first 13 instalments of the new series
  • … plus a few other things the team have managed to shoehorn in!

Featuring art by Richard Smith, Andersonic Issue 20 comprises 44 pages with colour inner and outer covers and is available from the Andersonic web site. If you’d prefer to pay by cheque or PO, please get in touch for our new postal address. Back issues are also (mostly) in print.

Andersonic is published every 6 months (very approximately) and is available to buy via the official website plus one or two other outlets, and via eBay around the time of publication.

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