New Vworp Vworp! coming soon, first cover reveal

The talented team behind the indispensable Doctor Who-inspired comic zine Vworp Vworp! have teased the incoming arrival of Issue 6 later this month.

Offering a staggering 180 pages celebrating the 60th anniversary of the show and its many comic and other fiction spin-offs, you will not want to miss it.

And if you need convincing – why?! – check out this superb cover for the issue, one of a traditional trio, by the legendary Jeff Cummins, a homage to the show’s first story, of the An Unearthly Child / 100,000 BC.

You’ll be able to preorder Vworp Vworp! Issue Six very soon – just keep an eye on the project’s social feeds for details (and more covers!).

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Named after the TARDIS sound effect created for Doctor Who Monthly/MagazineVworp Vworp! is an irregular fanzine celebrating Doctor Who in comic strip form, as well as Doctor Who artwork in general, and the history of Doctor Who Magazine

The zine takes some time to put together – after all, some of the team are also busy working on the Doctor Who “splinter universe” Cutaway Comics titles, among other things.

Buy a copy of Vworp Vworp! Issue Three, Issue Four, Issue Five and a compendium of Issues One and Two now, and follow the title on social media for Issue Six news on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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