Hollywood comes to Hornby

Well, not exactly: World’s End Television are to shoot a short film in Hornby next week. The cast list for the film, Last Night, is under wraps: apparently revealing who’s in it might warrant “unwanted attention”, so I can’t tell you… Read More ›

Meow Mix: Cat Big Brother

(Old post reinstated, ignore if RSS checking) Maybe they’ll use famous cats like Data’s Spot, from Star Trek, eliminating the opposition with a well-pawed phaser… ANIMAL PLANET TO LAUNCH CAT BIG BROTHER SHOW A US cable network is hoping to… Read More ›

The Doctor Sings

This is a labour of love: “The Doctor Sings” will I’m sure eventually fall foul of both Tom Baker and BT, but someone has taken advantage of Tom Baker’s use as the company’s voice of text messaging (well, until recently,… Read More ›