Painkiller pulled

The SCI FI Channel US has cancelled the action series Painkiller Jane, according to Hollywood Reporter, which stars starring Kristanna Loken.

The show, based on the comic book heroine created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada for Event Comics in 1995, will finish out production on its first 22 episodes, which will continue to air as originally slated until its finale on 21 September in the US.

The series follows top a DEA agent with healing powers, Jane Vasco, as she tracks “neuros”, humans with superhuman powers.

The comic version of the character has scored strong success, unlike her TV counterpart. Originally a five-issue miniseries, the character went on to star in numerous cross-over titles with the likes of the Punisher, Vampirella and Hellboy and had a sell-out first issue when recently relaunched by Dynamite Entertainment, who also publish various Red Sonja titles and Battlestar Galactica tie-ins.

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