WebFind: CerealMad – British Doctor Who, Star Trek and many other cereal box promotions celebrated!

CerealMad is a fantastic YouTube channel and website run by Nick Symes for several years now, celebrating British cereal promotions of yesteryear, including Doctor Who and Star Trek badges, various Gerry Anderson shows, cartoon series tie-ins and much, much more.

Weetabix - Doctor Who and his Enemies Promotion (1970s)
Weetabix – Doctor Who and his Enemies Promotion (1970s)

Nick, who has often appeared on TV and in magazine features, says his fascinating “What’s In The Box” films are aimed at a type of “retrospective unpacking” – opening and revealing of the surprise contents of the pack, plastic toys, cards, stickers, with details of send away offers or packet/panel cut outs and features, including food recipes using cereals and healthy options, offering a nostalgic look at what the offers have been over the years here in the UK and relive your youth.

Given away with Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks for a set of six Captain Scarlet badges with all the characters from the Gerry Anderson TV puppet series
A set of five badges given away with Kelloggs Sugar Smacks “from the Space TV series” – featuring Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Sulu, Dr McCoy and Captain badge. More information here
Given away with Kelloggs Sugar Smacks in the 1970s – a set of six Doctor Who badges featuring Jon Pertwee, Jo Grant, Master, Bessie and UNIT. This was probably promoted during children’s TV adverts in the ad breaks along with kids comics. More information here

His website – cerealoffers.com – complements the YouTube channel perfectly, offering background information on the brands, promotions and more. A staggering amount of research has gone into this project, and deserves a visit.

“The focus is mainly on the main Breakfast Cereal brands including Weetabix, Kellogg’s, Quaker, Nabisco and Nestle,” says Nick in his channel. “It’s a chance to see what they were like when opened, testing them out and also act as a future archive/history for anyone who wants to relive the magic of youth when you used to rush down to breakfast, open the new packet and hope the gift was one you wanted

“I have also started to review new cereals doing taste tests, as they are released and you will find these across a number of the main brands or the playlist.”

2005 Frosties Cereal Star Wars Light Sabres and Advert

So for those of you who look back in the past with fond memories of yesteryear and recall mascots such as Kellogg’s Coco Monkey, Tony Tiger, Snap Crackle & Pop, Cornelius Cockerel, Captain Rick, Loopy, Honey Monster, Weetgang, Hunger, Quicky Bunny, Chip Wolf, Hunger, Klondike Pete & Pardner, then this YouTube channel and website is most definitely for you.

Check out CerealMad on YouTube | Visit Nick’s website – cerealoffers.com | Follow @Cerealmad for the latest videos and additions to his amazing site

See also: Re-discovering Vintage Cereal Packets, and how one Star Trek memory still plagues my fuzzy brain, published here in 2019

With thanks to Shaqui Le Vesconte for the link

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  1. I’ve been a Who fan for almost 50 years, my earliest memory of the show being scenes from season 12, Tom’s epic first one. I happened to ask my mum last summer how come she let me watch this show at such an early age. She told me I loved the drawings on the Weetabix cards so she tuned in to watch the show with me. Mind blown!

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