Robin Etherington

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Be Ready for the Etherington Brothers next Kickstarter!

If you’re an aspiring artist, comic artist or cartoonist, then you probably already have Lorenzo Etherington’s hugely popular, utterly brilliant How To Think When You Draw Books… and if you haven’t got them, there’s good news! There will be another chance to get your hands on copies, as part of a new crowdfunding campaign for Lorenzo’s equally talented brother Robin Etherington’s How to Write book, launching in October!

In Review: Monkey Nuts

One of the humour comic strips in the weekly DFC comic in 2008 and 2009, Monkey Nuts Book 1: The Diamond Egg Of Wonders written by Robin Etherington and illustrated by brother Lorenzo Etherington, was originally released as a DFC… Read More ›