Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020 hits news stands in April

The Cor!! Buster Easter Special is back with another 52 pages of all-out comedy anarchy this April from the Treasury of British Comics, wrapped in an ace cover by Neil Googe!

Cor Buster Special 2020

Firmly aimed at kids (young and old!), the Cor!! Buster Easter Special brings together two of Britain’s most beloved humour comics, bulging with belly laughs and silly japes from some of the best creators around, including John Freeman and Lew Stringer on “Buster and Delbert“, “Sweeny Toddler” and “Gah!” by Tom Paterson, “Grimly Feendish” by Ned Hartley and Tom Paterson, “Frankie Stein” by Cavan Scott and Steve Mannion, “Daisy Jones’ Locket” by Olivia Hicks and Shelli Paroline, “Birdman and Chicken” by Edward Whatley, “Swines of Anarchy” by Lee Langford and Pye Parr, “Faceache” by Matt Smith and John Lucas, “Gums” by Lizzie Boyle and Abigail Ryder, “Deadly Hedley” by Paul Goodenough and Rositsa Vangelova, “Kid Kong” by Alec Worley and Tiernen Trevallion, and “Duck Turpin” by Robin Etherington and David Follett.

A sneaky tease of the

A sneaky tease of the “Buster and Delbert” strip from the Cor Buster Special 2020, art by Lew Stringer. © Rebellion Publishing Ltd

Out on Wednesday 8th April, while we can’t reveal anything about our strip for this welcome Special, Lew and I had great fun creating another all-new strip that features a huge cast  of characters, Lew drawing on his near-encyclopaedic knowledge of British humour comics to drop some vintage fun into the background, just like last year’s strip. We’re sure the rest of the Cor!! Buster Easter team have pulled out the stops on their strips, too!

Don’t forget this Special is part of a terrific Specials Bundle on offer from the 2000AD web ship here, which also includes the Action Special, out in March, May’s Smash! Special, the June Roy of the Rovers Euro 2020 Special, the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special: Twenty Years of Rebellion, the Battle Special, the Misty & Scream! Special and more.

Plus, out in November is a pre-Christmas treat – a Cor Buster compendium of hilarity that includes strips by Neil Googe, Cavan Scott, Tom Paterson, Shelli Paroline and Hilary Barta. There are few details about this as yet, but it’s the closest we’ll get to a return to a Christmas Buster annual for now, so keep an eye out for news!

• The Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020 is on sale Wednesday 8th April 2020 in WHSmith and from all good newsagents with a sense of humour, comics shops and via digital platforms

Pre-order the Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020 from your Local Comic Shop quoting Previews code FEB201945 – details here

Pre-order the Rebellion 2020 Specials bundle here on the 2000AD web shop for £59.99


March: Action Special
April: Cor!! Buster Easter Special
May: Smash! Special
June: Roy of the Rovers Euro 2020 Special
June: 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special: Twenty Years of Rebellion
July: Tammy & Jinty Special
September: Battle Special
September: Misty & Scream! Special
November: Thriller Picture Library Special
November: The Return of Sexton Blake
December: Misty Presents… Special
Date TBC: Evil Genius 2 Special

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