Crowdfunding Spotlight: How to THINK when you WRITE Volume 2 by Robin Etherington

The Etherington Brothers have just launched their latest Kickstarter, this time for How to THINK when you WRITE Volume 2 – with options to get a copy of the first volume if you missed it, and their other brilliant How to THINK when you DRAW books, too. And, as ever, it’s proving a mind blowing crowdfunding success story.

How to THINK when you WRITE Volume 2

How to THINK when you WRITE volumes 1 and 2 are each 200 page full colour hardback books measuring 8.5″ by 8.5″, gathering together four years of Robin Etherington’s wonderful writing tutorials, tackling an enormous range of subjects.

Created as a companion to his brother Lorenzo’s record-breaking How to THINK when you DRAW series, Robin’s book explores a vast array of subjects, designed to benefit creators of all skill levels, from writers wrangling their first plot to the seasoned scribe.

How to THINK when you WRITE Volume 2

Volume 1 has been completely sold out since the last campaign, and Volume 2 is brand new and being launched exclusively on Kickstarter – and has already gained a staggering £42,000-plus in support, far in excess of its £1000 target.

How to THINK when you WRITE Volume 2

This book will not be available anywhere else or online this year, so your only means to get it is through Kickstarter. All their books – all weighty tomes! – are fantastic resources for comic creators, so do check out the project.

The Etherington Brothers. Photograph: Alan Peebles

The Etherington Brothers, who will be at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival next month, have been making all-ages comic adventures for over a decade, and are the creators of Long Gone Don, Monkey Nuts, Freaky and Fearless, Baggage, and Von Doogan. They have also created comics, stories and art for Star Wars, How to Train Your Dragon, Transformers, Kung Fu Panda, Wallace & Gromit and James Bond.

In addition to many other credits, Robin is one of the contributors to the new Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Special, writing “Martha’s Monster Makeup”, drawn by David Follett, on sale soon in all good newsagents.

Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Special, - “Martha’s Monster Makeup”, written by Robin Etherington, drawn by David Follett

The brothers have toured the world performing sold out shows on creativity and storytelling. Using their unique blend of humour, improvisation and enthusiasm, they
have empowered hundreds of thousands of children to take their first creative steps into the greatest storytelling medium on earth – COMICS!

As ever, their tutorials are better seen than described, so head here to view them online!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for How to THINK when you WRITE here on Kickstarter

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