Out Today! The all-new Cor!! and Buster Humour Special

A panel from "Who's in Charge?" for the Cor!! and Buster Humour Special, script by John Freeman, art by Lew Stringer

A panel from “Who’s in Charge?” for the Cor!! and Buster Humour Special, script by John Freeman, art by Lew Stringer

Today’s the day! The all-new Cor!! and Buster Humour Special is on sale today in all good newsagents – including most WHSmith stores – and British comic shops!

And yes – Buster is back! And Sid, and Slippy the Snake, Chips, Gus the Gorilla, Bad Penny, and Faceache, Deadly Hedly, Captain Crucial, Kid Kong, Sweeney Toddler, Grimly Feendish, Gums, Ivor Lott and Tony Broke… and many many more!

Delivering all-new strips and new takes on many a classic comic character, edited by Keith Richardson, the full list of contributing creators comprises of Sammy Borras, Jim Boswell, Lizzie Boyle, Abigail Bulmer, Mick Cassidy, Andy Clift, Robin Etherington, The Feek, David Follett, John Freeman, Paul Goodenough, Neil Googe, Ned Hartley, Mike Hoffman, Lee Langford, Steve Mannion, Grainne Mcentee, Pye Parr, Brett Parson, Tom Paterson, Cavan Scott, Matt Smith, Tanya Roberts, Karl Stock, Lew Stringer, Tiernan Trevallion, Edward Whatley and Alec Worley!

What’s that? Desperately want a copy but trapped in a custard mine, or simply miles from a comic shop or newsagents? Don’t panic!

You can grab a bundle to every Rebellion Special in 2019 here that includes the Cor!! & Buster Special, the 2000AD Villains Special (1st May), 2000AD Sci-Fi Special Carlos Ezquerra Tribute (19th June), Tammy & Jinty Special (27th June), The Vigilant (14th August) and the Scream & Misty Presents The Thirteenth Floor (16th October).

Authorised promotional Cor!! and Buster Special Promotion

As Lew Stringer says, “those of us who have worked on this one-off are really hoping it’ll be a success and will lead to more.

“It’s a revival of classic comic characters not seen since the end of the last century!

“As one of the contributors to the original Buster comic it was a pleasure to be invited back. Fingers crossed that it does well!”

Obviously, I’m going to support such sentiments – and I was dead chuffed to have been asked to write the strip reviving al the classic comic editors from Buster, Cor!!, Krazy, Shiver and Shake and Whizzer and Chips!

For years, many readers who grew up reading Buster, Cor!!, Whizzer and Chips and more have asked for these characters to come back to newsagents shelves. Now they have – ready to thrill an all-new audience, and, hopefully, put a smile on the face of those of you who remember the characters first time around, too!

Please pick up a copy for yourselves or your kids. 52 pages, full colour, £4.99 – also available with other specials directly from the publisher!

Read an interview with John Freeman and Lew Stringer about their revival strip “Who’s in Charge?” featuring many a classic comic’s ‘editor ‘ character here on the 2000AD web site

(No snakes or elephants were harmed in the making of this comic!)

Authorised promotional Cor!! and Buster Special Promotion

Authorised promotional Cor!! and Buster Special Promotion

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