Red Dagger Issue 4 SNIP

Graphic Novels by Any Other Name?

Red Dagger Issue 12Jeremy Briggs has kindly provided downthetubes with a smashing feature and checklist for DC Thomson’s Red Dagger title, a 64 page compilation title little known among comics fans which featured strips from Hornet, Hotspur, Warlord and others with many issues featuring terrific covers by Ian Kennedy.

Main Feature: Graphic Novels by Any Other Name

This includes an item on how some of the art from the source material was amended for its Red Dagger appearances.

Red Dagger Checklist

The listing for Red Dagger has been built up from many different sources, including discussion on the Eagle Flies Again group. Not all sources could be cross referenced for accuracy. If you can add any additional information, or can correct any mistakes, then get in touch via e-mail and the listing can be updated.

Hope you like it and my thanks to Jeremy for writing it.

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