A few links to strike fear into your very soul…

It’s downtime, so time to see what’s out there in web land… And my goodness, there’s some strange stuff. Even stranger than the last time I looked.

First, one for PC fans, especially those with a professed hatred of all things Apple (which doesn’t include me). Here’s a wonderful comparison of the Apple Ipod vs the humble tape cassette (people over 30 will remember these, there’s more than you ever wanted to know here at www.tapedeck.org). Which is better? Daniel Turek, while perhaps a Mac user himself judging from his web page address, has no doubt

Now then. We all know that at some point over Christmas you will encounter a young child with a) a drum b) a tin whistle c) a Moog synthesiser. (Well, okay, you probably won’t encounter the latter but just imagine the horror…). Simply check out this site and respond with these Air Raid Siren sounds: www.airraidsirens.com. No, really. It’s almost as crazy as the Tape Deck site I mentioned above. I say almost.)

Of course, you will have to consider that ageing relatives may be thrown into blind panic by some of these sounds, suffer heart attacks as they are awoken from post Christmas dinner stupor thinking they are back in the Second World War.

We must be careful out on the Interweb. There are many strange things you can find when you have time off from the usual daily grind. Dangerous things that will make you question your own sanity far more quickly than reading the collected works of M. R. James, or perhaps the thought of albums like this ever being made…

No, I speak of course of sites such as Pet Food Labels. Beware such sites, they are evil incarnate. Still, could you live without knowing that canned dog food first appeared in the 1910s? I thought not.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

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