Alternative Press Festival Ready to Go

Comics creator Jimi Gherkin and the team behind the upcoming Alternative Press Festival in London (Wednesday 29th July – Sunday 2nd August 2009, click here for the latest events listing) have been in touch to say that everything’s go for this summer’s events.

“The venues are all booked up, the Anthology is on its way and we are preparing for a wicked festival!” he tells us.

Part of the Festival includes Collaborama!, an event for artists, zinesters and self publishers to come and show and sell their work, as well as collaborate in making pages for a zine on the day. There will be table space given to both aspects of the event which will take place on Saturday 1st August 2009 at the The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge (

“Right now, we’re starting to book tables out,” says Jimi. If small press publishers would like a table space to exhibit and sell their work then various size tables are available.

“Regarding the zine making, the idea is to encourage visitors to take part and get involved, to help the process along we will have themes,” Jimi continues. “These are just ideas so that people can get started more easily but so far one is “Strangers”, where, maybe the idea that lots of people in the city don’t know each other, the lack of communities or people who interest us that we don’t know.

“The other is “You and Me”, a lighthearted look at relationships, meeting someone for the first time, or maybe your relationship with not a person but something else, an idea maybe?

“These themes can be narrative or non narrative based.”

In the evening of the event the Resonance FM radio orchestra will be performing a piece written by Ed Baxter, the Director of Resonance FM. “This will be really special and will be performed by the orchestra as well as actors, and two teams of artists will be illustrating the performance live on overhead projectors.” Jimi enthuses. “If you’re interested in being considered to be on one of these teams then also, get in touch.”

The Alternative Press Festival runs from Wednesday 29th July – Sunday 2nd August 2009, click here for the latest events listing

• For more info and table rates etc. contact Jimi via jimigherkin(at)

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