Blank Slate announces ‘Nelson’ graphic novel, firms up 2011 schedule

Nelson, a new collaborative graphic novel from Blank Slate Books will be launching this November at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds, and features an awesome line-up of British comics talent (detailed below).

So, who is Nelson? Well, Nel Baker’s story starts in 1968 (the year of her birth) and takes us through to the present day, with each creator presenting a snapshot of one year of her life.

“I don’t know if anyone’s tried anything like this before,” says Rob Davis (Doctor Who, Don Quixote) the anthology’s editor. “I just think it’s a great way to show what separates comic artists from other artists – we don’t just draw pictures, we tell stories!

“I wanted us to avoid the ‘pick-and-choose’ aspect of most anthologies and get everyone writing their own chapters, working together to tell one continuous story. So whether a creator is your favourite or someone whose work you’d never normally go near, they all become an essential read.”

Promotional art for Nelson from Blank Slate Books

It’s yet another feather in the cap for Blank Slate, who are carving out an impressive list of superb ‘indie’ titles. They recently announced a Hugo Tate collection by Nick Abadzis (see news story) and have had huge and deserved success with Darryl Cunnigham’s brilliant Psychiatric Tales (reviewed here).

Here’s a quick checklist of other announced titles, obviously some subject to change – check the Blank Slate web site for additions and ammendments.

May 2011

The Band by Mawil
Translated from the German by Iz Rips

Home and Away by Mawil
Translated from the German by Iz Rips

“Chalk Marks” Titles

The Accidental Salad by Joe Decie
Pablo Apple Honey by Luke Astorigin
Time and Tide by Will Morris

June 2011

Hector Umbra by Uli Oesterle

One for fans of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, say BSB, translated from the German by Iz Rips.

Megg by Nigel Auchterlounie

Nigel’s second Spleenal book . “Just Nigel’s pitch had me laughing my head off,” says Kenny.

Trains are Mint #3 by Oliver East
A Limited edition facsimile – this will be produced directly from the only existing copy – limited to 500

August 2011

Gungle by Warwick Johnson Cadwell

“Warwick’s book possibly has as much anticipation from the UK comics community as anything we’ve done until this date – big, bold, amazing art,” says Kenny. “Gungle will surely make people sit up and realise what a talent he is.”

Promotional cover for
Uncle Bob’s Adventures

Uncle Bob Adventures by Darryl Cunningham

“Darryl Cunningham’s Uncle Bob is also very widely anticipated and it shows the playful side of Darryl in contrast to his real world work like Psychiatric Tales and his Science Myth stories,” says publisher Kenny Penman, speaking about the 2011 line-up last year. “It’s going to be our second all-ages book and we think it will be one that kids will love with its adventure and horror tales that aren’t as kiddie as they might be.”

Love is Blind by Line Hoven
Translated from the German by Iz and hopefully Line herself

The Graphic Short Stories by Laurie J. Proud

Stalin’s Spy in Tokyo by Isable Kreitz

A big, robust historical story  with Kreitz’s highly individual all-pencil art. “this is one we hope can draw in people who aren’t normal comics readers,” says Kenny. Translated from the German by Iz.

October 2011

Psychiatric Tales II by Darryl Cunnigham

Children in Need by Mawil
Collected short stories – a first colour collection by this artist from BSB

November 2011

Nelson – a collaborative novel edited by Rob Davis

This book features an amazing line up of talent, as follows: Rob Davis, Woodrow Phoenix, Ellen Lindner, Jamie Smart, Gary Northfield, Sarah McIntyre, Suzy Varty, Sean Longcroft, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Luke Pearson, Paul Harrison-Davies, Katie Green, Paul Peart-Smith, Glyn Dillon, Ian Culbard, John Allison, Philip Bond, Matt (D’Israeli) Brooker, Simone Lia, Daryl Cunningham, Jonathan Edwards, Ade Salmon, Kate Charlesworth, Warren Pleece, Kristyna Baczynski, James Harvey, Rian Hughes, Sean Phillips + Pete Doree, Kate Brown, Simon Gane, Oliver East, Adam Cadwell, Faz Choudhury, Jake, Jeremy Day, Dan McDaid, Roger Langridge, Will Morris, Dave Shelton, Carol Swain, Hunt Emerson, Duncan Fegredo, Philippa Rice, Garen Ewing, Tom Humberstone, Dan Berry, Kate Evans, Laura Howell, Andi Watson and Dave Taylor.

Other books in the development stage but not yet scheduled will feature the work of  Laurie Proud, Stuart Kolakovic, Chris Doherty, Peter Diamond and Barbara Yelin.

Blank Slate fully deserve the support of British comic fans – they need to keep selling books to keep printing them, after all. Check out their web site and give them a try.

Thought Bubble will be celebrating the arrival of Nelson with signings and a panel.

Blank Slate Books 

Thought Bubble 2011 web site

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