Cat Presents take a new twist

One of the perils of working from home is that I never know what our hunter-killer cat will bring in as a ‘present’ (usually in the hope that she will be rewarded with biscuits, I suspect).

Usually, thankfully, she has a predeliction for large leaves, although we do suffer the inevitable dead birds, much to our dismay. (Never common birds, either — the worst was a beautiful wren (survived), and a robin (had to put out of misery).

This morning, I’m working on some news gathering and Star Trek proof reading (the first US/UK issue of STAR TREK Magazine, out next month is looking great!), when Hunter-Killer Cat races upstairs and starts hissing and growling at one of the other cats.

At first, I can’t see what she’s got in her mouth but it’s big… and it looks furry.

Oh god, I think. Has she managed to get our neighbour’s rabbit out of its cage?

No — this time it’s an entire bird’s nest, carefully woven by unknown birds, one broken egg in it. I suspect — or hope — that this is a deserted nest, its residents fully fledged, although I did have a very young (permature?) bird dumped at my feet earlier in the week…

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