Champion! Check out these Roy of the Rovers Greeting Cards

Roy of the Rovers Birthday Cards (2020)

Keep an eye out for the exclusive range of Roy of the Rovers greeting cards from Hype Cards, available in many independent shops, card shops, and bookshops, although unfortunately, they havent yet filtered through to any online retailers who stock other Hype Cards products.

Hype Cards licences a huge range iconic designs such as Dennis from the BEANO, Hello Kitty, Mr Benn and many more, bringing well loved characters to everyday products.

Roy of the Rovers Birthday Cards (2020)

Head on over to the BBC Sport website to read a brilliant interview with author Tom Palmer all about how Roy of the Rovers is staying relevant, 67 years after it started

There’s a wide range of Roy of the Rovers merchandise, including the graphic novels and books, available from the official web site

Roy of the Rovers book and graphic novels are also available from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) | Check out our checklist of Rebellion releases here

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