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11 October see the release of an over-looked gem of a film on DVD. Three Cases of Murder sounds like a conventional crime movie. However, the film is made up of three individual stories (rather like the classic Dead of Night) and two of them have strong supernatural/fantasy elements.

Three Cases of Murder was shown at the Bradford Fantastic Film Festival at Bradford Media Museum earlier this year and museum curator Tony Earnshaw did not attempt to conceal his enthusiam for it. It is the first of the three stories in particular that you should look out for. In this tale, a museum warder steps into a painting and the fantasy world within. It’s a chilling, gripping piece of cinema history and well worth a look. If that’s not enough, the movie is introduced by Eamonn Andrews!

Actor Alan Badel appears in all three tales, with Orson Welles starring in the third one.

Three Cases of Murder is available from 11 October 2010.

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  1. Fantastic film, one of our absolute faves over at the British Horror Films website. You can read a detailed review and see a short clip of the opening segment here:
    Finally I can trade in my muchin-demand 10th generation VHS copy, apparently taped off Channel 4 one afternoon in the 90s!
    Thanks for the heads up on this release…

  2. Good pick! I’m keen to see this, having heard about it a while ago in relation to Orson Welles and what he ends up doing and where.

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