Clint: The Origin of Mark Millar’s new comic title

For those not already wondering, veteran publisher and editor Dez Skinn has just explained the origins of Mark Millar’s new comic title, CLINT, which Titan Magazines launch later this year.

If you’re easily offended by bad language, don’t read on.

“Back in the 1970s when IPC was rocking saleswise, there were two words you could never use in print in their holier-than-thou weekly comics: FLICK and CLINT,” Dez notes in a posting to his Quality Communications group on Yahoo.

“Because Gravesend’s letterpress printing was so blotchy the space between the capital letters L and I was virtually non-existent, so LI looked far more like a U.

“Hence the adage oft-heard in the corridors of Fleetway House…, FLICK OFF CLINT!

“It gives a whole new meaning to the old book/film/TV series My Friend Flicka,” he adds wryly.

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