Coming Soon: The Art of Luis Garcia, focusing on the work of the top Vampirella artist

Comic artist and author David Roach has written several books spotlighting the work of some great Spanish comic creators, including Jose González in 2015, and his broader work, Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art in 2017. Now, US publisher Dynamite releases his latest, focusing on Luis Garcia, in July.

The Art of Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia was one of the most talented artists of the legendary Spanish Invasion which transformed Warren comics in the 1970s, creating artwork that was both stunningly attractive and astonishingly realistic. Garcia drew for all the Warren titles but was particularly associated with Vampirella magazine, where his innovative artwork and gift for drawing beautiful women was a highlight for several years.

But his career encompassed far more than just horror comics; starting off as an artist of seductive romance strips, he went on to find fame in France drawing for Pilote magazine, was a pioneer of autobiographical and political comics, created some of the earliest and most accomplished graphic novels and then changed careers completely to become a world class painter.

For the first time anywhere in the world The Art of Luis Garcia brings together each phase of his career to create the first comprehensive retrospective of his amazing artwork. Each chapter details his work and life with historical analysis from artist and author David Roach (The Art of Vampirella, Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art), together with commentary and reminiscences from Luis Garcia himself.

It is a story that brings together his life as a child prodigy in S.I.’s mythical Barcelona comic studios and working as a model for romantic fotonovela’s, meeting Salvador Dali and John Lennon, moving from swinging London to Hippy Communes, hanging out at Studio 54 and teaching the techniques of Old master Painters like Velazquez.

The Art of Luis Garcia is illustrated throughout with some of Garcia’s finest artwork, almost entirely shot from the original pages, and includes several complete stories, some translated into English for the first time.

Really bringing the package together is the commentary and notes from Luis García himself.

As with David’s other recent book, Masters of British Comic Art, this looks to be a real treat and a fitting tribute to one of the most creative, ground-breaking artists in comics, and beyond.

“As a lifelong Vampirella fan I first discovered the artwork of Luis Garcia when I was very young, and it has stayed with me ever since,” David Roach commented last year. “His entire life been notable for his never ending drive to push himself and evolve as an artist. I believe this book contains some of the very greatest artwork in comic history. I’m sure it will amaze and delight both old fans and new admirers.”

David Roach stormed on to the 2000AD scene with Book 8 of Nemesis the Warlock, before going on to illustrate “Judge Anderson”, “Judge Dredd”, “Killer”, “Past Imperfect” and “Synammon” as well as providing the inks for “Killer” and “Rogue Trooper”. He’s also well known for his work on Doctor Who.

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