Cubicle 7 licences DC Thomson’s Starblazer for ‘space roleplaying adventures’

Starblazer Adventures

(With thanks to Jeremy Briggs): Games company Cubicle 7 has licensed DC Thomson’s fondly remembered Starblazer title for a new roleplaying game, intent on making the most of gigantic fleets prowl the starlanes, mysterious aliens devise inexplicable fates for humankind, devilish scientists operate enormous engines of destruction and swashbuckling princes defend their world from ancient empires.

Each of Starblazer’s 281 issues explored a whole adventure set within the vast galactic empires of the far future, giving the forthcoming roleplaying game from Cubicle 7 Entertainment a wide variety of settings to explore. From low-fi space exploration to galaxy-busting wars to space fantasy epics at the end of time, there is plenty for everyone.

Published by DC Thomson, Starblazer – the subject of features by Jeremy Briggs and Ray Aspden on the main downthetubes site – was the home to some of the best British science fiction space opera of the 1970’s and 80’s. Featuring stunning art and classic space opera stories, comic creators such as Grant Morrison and John Smith, artists Enrique Alcatena, Mike McMahon, Cam Kennedy, John Ridgway, Alan Rogers, Jaime Oritz, Ian Kennedy, Colin MacNeil and Casanovas Junior helped bring the fantastic ‘space fiction adventure in pictures’ to life.

The Starblazer licence was picked up by British games publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment, who also publish SLA Industries and Victoriana. Utilising the critically acclaimed FATE rules system, the core release will include three detailed settings based on the very best stories from Starblazer and will also detail recurring characters, organisations, empires and aliens such as the Fi-Sci (the Fighting Scientists of Galac Squad), The Star Patrol, The Suicide Squad, The Planet Tamer, Cinnibar the barbarian warrior of Babalon and galactic cop Frank Carter to name just a few.

• Steve Holland has more information on the genesis of this project over on his brilliant Bear Alley blog

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