Don’t Judge Me, Alan Henderson’s new Penned Guin collection, launches tonight

Don't Judge Me! - The Penned Guin Launch Event - Friday 3rd May 2019Don’t Judge Me!, the all new treasury edition from the award-winning webcomic The Penned Guin by Alan Henderson, gets its official launch at the Whitespace gallery in Edinburgh tonight (Friday 3rd May), with an exhibition of some of the original art and drawings.

The Penned Guin comic strip features the fun antics of a funny group of penguins, offering  family friendly penguin humour for all. The daily webcomic has been running for over six years featuring puns, dad jokes and cringing gags.

Penned Guin on display at the Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh. Photo courtesy Alan Henderson

Penned Guin on display at the Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh. Photo courtesy Alan Henderson

The exhibition displays almost 50 Penned Guinn original art pieces, all framed up for people to see (and buy if you like).

The new treasury edition features the second 500 comic strips of the daily comic that were original presented online from August 2015 through June 2017 before being collected into the four Penned Guin comic books, We Waddlers, Ice House, To Coldly Go… and The Sunday Postings.

The Penned Guin - Tiles by Alan Henderson

Alan Henderson is an independent comic creator from Edinburgh. He started The Penned Guin back in 2013, offering strips that have covered topics as diverse as the Scottish referendum through to a penguin tug-of-war – and have garnered a following around the world.

The Penned Guin - Parents by Alan Henderson

“The idea started from a chat with my good friend Bob Turner (of Castle Rock Comics fame),” Alan recently told Comics Anonymous of the origins of the Penned Guin strip. “But I realised after the BHP event at last year’s Edinburgh Book Festival that there is a whole group of people who would like the Penned Guin but would never come to a comic con – so the idea of an exhibition will hopefully reach out to some of them.”

Head over to the Penned Guin’s FacebookInstagram and Tumblr for more information and if you can’t make the event, you can buy Don’t Judge Me and the previous releases over on Alan’s online store.

Alan’s books are also available through the Comichaus website and Comichaus App.

Don’t Judge Me Book Launch with Alan Henderson, Whitespace, 76 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh EH8 9 | Facebook Event Page | Penned Guins on Tumblr | Penned Guins Comic on Facebook | Instagram

The Penned Guin © Alan Henderson

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