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The Forbidden Planet International blog has just published a smashing interview by Pádraig Ó Méalóid with Eddie Campbell (From Hell, Alec and much more), just as Top Shelf’s big Alec: the Years Have Pants collection is announced in Previews, due this autumn in both hard cover and paperback.

The interview covers 2009 Eisner Award nominee Eddie’s career from his earliest, self published work to DC, Marvel, the First Second work, From Hell and some upcoming work like The Playwright.

Top Shelf’s Alec: the Years Have Pants is a 640-page compendium which Eddie describes as “undoubtedly my single most important publication to date.

“It collects the work that has always been the principal strain of my oeuvre, and it allows me the opportunity to add a new ‘book’ to the set,” he reveals. “The thing I enjoyed in seeing it all together was a sense of sweeping through time, of characters ageing, without that being a conscious plan, since after all I drew it all over a course of nearly thirty years.”

The collection includes work such as ‘The King Canute Crowd’, ‘Graffiti Kitchen’, ‘How to be an Artist’ and the new book, The Years have Pants. There are also a couple of sections of short things and fragmentary works, appearing in their proper sequence.

Read the interview here

The Years Have Pants will be published by Top Shelf on 29 September in both hardcover and paperback. Buy it from amazon.co.uk

• If you want to keep up to date on what Eddie’s up to, read his daily blog at: http://eddiecampbell.blogspot.com/

Image © Eddie Campbell

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