Fanzine Flashback: Speakeasy, February 1984

Cover by Jim Fortey

One of the latest additions to the excellent Classic UK Comics Archive curated by artist and publisher David Hathaway-Price is the February 1984 issue of Speakeasy, crammed with comics news, comment and more.

Edited by Bambos Georgiou, Richard Hansom and Richard Ashford, Speakeasy #38, priced 50p, features a cover by Jim Fortey from his “adult comic anthology”, Miraculous Circumstances. (Creators on that title also included Eddie Campbell, Geoff Chambers, Martin McCrory, and others). Only Eddie appears visibly still active in comics today.

Offering news (mainly US news and letters (regular letter writer Ross Cowin is on hand to praise Speakeasy for its recent British news, another seasoned fan who seems to have entirely disappeared), the zine also offers “Music highlights of 1983” by Frank Plowright, a review of the Strip Illustrators’ Seminar held at Kingston Polytechnic, and a strip, “Dead Right”, by Owen Fitzpatrick.

The original scan of this issue was kindly supplied by Rob Kirby (From Cents to Pence).

Oh, and before you ask – no, FUSION #2 with its Alan Moore interview, advertised in the issue, isn’t in the archive. One day, perhaps – all the zines being uploaded are dine so with the kind permission of the original publishers, and David I’d rightfully respectful of their wishes.

Check out the Classic UK Comic Zines archive, where you can also download free copies of FANSCENE 1-6, and read on line archive copies of this and many other fanzines from the 1960s to the 1990s

Check out the editions Speakeasy on the archive

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