Harrods Art Appeal

In his latest regular Lying in the Gutters column on Comic Book Resources Rich Johnston reports that the world famous London department store Harrods is running a comics exhibition in September, showcasing the best in British created comics artwork.

“They’ve asked me to curate the exhibition, so I thought I’d use my contacts,” Rich writes. “If you own original artwork for books such as Ultimates, The Authority, Judge Dredd, The Filth, anything with strong and prominent British teams, let me know.

“Harrods have massive insurance policies that cover things like the world’s biggest diamonds, so they’ll be in good hands. And you’ll receive thanks and a mention in printed materials and on those little cards that appear next to the displays. Not to mention bragging rights.”

Rich will be donating some of his own pages from his own collection, including Frank Quitely/Alan Grant “Batman,” Millar/Morrison/Yeowell “Skrull Kill Krew,” Eddie Campbell’s “From Hell,” Steve Pugh “Hellblazer,” Al Davison “Minotaur’s Tale” and Dave McKinnon/Terry Wiley “Sleaze Castle.”

• Artists, collectors and art dealers contact Rich via this link!

Categories: British Comics

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