In Memoriam: It’s Alive Publisher Drew Ford, urgent GoFundMe launched to help his wife

Kiki and Drew Ford
Kiki and Drew Ford

I’m very sorry to report the death of comics writer Drew Ford, publisher of a range of terrific collection of comics including work by Sam Glanzman and more through his IT’S ALIVE imprint.

An urgent GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help his wife, Kiki, with medical bills, Drew’s insurance unfortunately lapsed. If you know of Drew’s work, and the incredible support he gave so many independent creators during his life, please help if you can.

Best known as the publisher of IT’S ALIVE, Drew loved comic books, editing and publishing his titles by himself, often on a shoestring, occasionally reaching out for support to his friends, including me, to help him with finances, in addition to his crowdfunding campaigns.

The first (WIP) all-new wrap-around Fish Police cover by Steve Moncuse
The Nazz by Tom Veitch and Bryan Talbot, coloured by Steve Whitaker
The Nazz by Tom Veitch and Bryan Talbot

He had recently been working on a new series of Fish Police by Steve Moncuse, and a collection of The Nazz, by Tom Veitch and Bryan Talbot.

Working from a very rundown apartment, Drew dedicated his life to his company and comics, packing and shipping each book by hand, helped by Kiki, watched by their cat, Lolo.

“We worked so hard,” Kiki says, in a moving tribute on the GoFundMe page. “He want to save beautiful history of comic books. He wanted to publish work that was significant for comic books lovers around the world. He wanted to preserve history of comic book for future generation.

“He work everyday,” she continued. “He woke up early in the morning, and worked until after midnight. He was always happy to show me a book that he received from the printer. Because of him doing everything by himself, it was a very slow process.

“I watched him everyday working and I really want to say thank you for people who patiently wait to receive the books. Thank your for supporting and believing in what he doing.”

Drew was found 26th September 2022 on a street of Brooklyn, in his car with COVID related pneumonia. He had gone to his storage to work on his latest book, and was going to pick up lunch for both him and Kiki on the way home.

“He never came back,” Kiki, who has her own health problems, explains. “He always texted me every hour, but he never did… His heart had stopped working for over 20 minutes.

“The people who found and help him, tried their best to make his heart work again. They took him to Emergency room in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They moved him to ICU September 28, 2022. The doctor told me Andrew was brain dead and he will never wake up to see me again.”

Even in death, Kiki, has announced subsequently, Drew has helped others, his organs donated for others.

“He was healthy and he is so young. He didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Sadly, doctor told me his COVID related pheumonia was really bad. He coudn’t breathe.”

Unfortunately, Drew’s life insurance had expired, cancelled due to missed payments, leaving Kiki, unused to dealing with people, Drew doing everything for her due to her own mental health issues, the result of past abuse, on her own in America.

If you can help support Kiki, if you ever bought Drew’s books, or appreciated what he was trying to do, if you’re able, then please do give Kiki your support.

Our sympathies to Kiki, and Drew’s many friends around the world at this time.

The GoFundMe to help Kiki is here

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