It’s Batman!

Here’s a gem from YouTube: a trailer for the 1943 cinema serial. Batman uses a gun…

The poster doesn’t think this is the original trailer that was shown at the time of its original release but from the re-release, back in 1966, when the Batman TV show was going great guns on ABC in the US, and cinemas showed the serial again to cash in on Batman’s popularity. (I seem to recall it may even have been shown here in the UK, too?)

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  1. Wow, Batman looks more a street brawler than a crime fighter! 🙂 There was no elegance to his fighting skills.

    In the first few seconds, Batman crashes through the window and without pausing, he lays into the villain nearby.

    And there is that ‘ray gun’. The way the gun lit up the screen, it looks as if Batman toasted himself.

    I found it really funny. I must look up some more clips.

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