Kick Ass Top 2009 Movie

Never mind Watchmen or Wolverine: 2000AD and Marvel Comics writer Mark Millar is convinced that the upoming movie Kick Ass, based on his Marvel comic series, which was drawn by John Romita Jr and is due for a hardcover colection release in November, is going to be the top comic book movie of 2009.

“I hereby declare Kick-Ass as the greatest movie of 2009,” he announced after a set visit via his web site’s message board. “And if you think that I would so that as co-creator and a producer on the movie you’re absolutely, one hundred percent correct. But as the months roll by and the trailers start to dribble online and you see what I just saw this weekend your heart will be beating that little bit faster too.”

The upcoming movie based on the comic stars Nicholas Cage in the role of retired cop “Big Daddy”, determined to take down a druglord while Chloe Moretz will play “Hit-Girl” — the obscenity-spewing, sword-wielding daughter of Cage’s character.

“I lucked out with Wanted and Timur and James and Angelina,” he continues. “But nothing — I mean nothing — can prepare you for Nic and Chloe as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. As I said to Nic after the first scene was shot on Saturday morning, this is a movie about comic-book guys made by comic-book guys. We are absolutely in our comfort zone here and doing something really special. Cage’s eyes just gleamed. He said it’s the most excited he’s been by a role in a long time.

Earlier this month, Nicolas Cage told MTV News that Matthew Vaughn’s big-screen adaptation of Kick-Ass, the controversial comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr., will have a “different style” than its print counterpart when it comes to the series’ much-discussed violence.

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