Limited edition “Pandemillions” game features box art by VIZ artist Dave Jones

With politics abuzz as yet another Prime Minister arrives at Number Ten today, what better time to find out that last year, VIZ cartoonist Dave Jones drew the box illustration and banknotes for a limited edition, satirical board game, called Pandemillions, produced by The Fence magazine.

Pandemillions, produced by The Fence magazine - cover art by Dave Jones

The idea of the game is that you play a member of the government during the pandemic, and must give away as much public cash as possible to your chums for dodgy PPE contracts, substandard incubators, tech and distribution companies etc. The winner is the player who has spunked the most public money into their mates’ pockets.

Fun for all the family, given an elastic definition of the word “fun”, there’s more information here on The Fence website.

Pandemillions, produced by The Fence magazine - cover art by Dave Jones
Pandemillions, produced by The Fence magazine - cover art by Dave Jones

Dave is a frequent contributor to The Fence, a print and online literary publication featuring both original work and critical and journalistic coverage of what may be largely termed “experimental” or “avant garde”.

The magazine has also just published an illustrated book, Sh*t Literary Siblings, available from all good bookshops.

The imagined worlds of books are populated by some of the most loved and recognisable characters we know. But for every famous detective, Victorian heroine and beloved children’s character there often exists an overlooked, often rubbish, and frequently downright sh*t sibling. These unfortunate nobodies have never had the spotlight turned upon them. Until now. 

Meet the likes of Euston Bear, currently living off Burger King wrapper sandwiches after ending up at the wrong station; Walter Wonka, a Kettering dentist with a phobia of dwarves; Gandalf the Greggs, a beardy, pastry-covered piss wizard who spends long periods of time in the high street bakery chain; and The Honourable Jeremy Dracula – younger brother of the Count. Vegetarian; and many more. 

• Copies of the very Pandemillions limited edition game will cost you £50 plus £12 postage in the UK – if you’re interested, email and they will invoice you first

Check out The Fence at | Facebook | Twitter

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