Musical Fantasy: A is for Amos by Daria Hlazatova


'A is for Amos' by Daria Hlazatova

While not exactly a comic, A is for Amos  by Daria Hlazatova – launched on Record Day – is a piece of gorgeous art is more than deserving of a plug on DownTheTubes. Released by the machine that is Avery Hill Publishing, this is an alphabetical trip (in more ways than one) through musical history.

The book is filled with page after page of intricately drawn iconic images of musicians from all genres of music, inspired by fairy-tales, theatre, awkwardness and nonsense like all of Daria’s work, and we’ve featured some examples below. David Bowie sits alongside Tchaikovsky, Frank Zappa with Florence. Kate Bush with Underworld. Each image is worthy of an album cover and perfectly communicates the feelings of affection we have for each figure as the pages turn.

Daria Hlazatova, whose work has appeared in numerous publications as well as on several album covers, is an artist and illustrator who lives in a little town near the Carpathians. Her passion lies in drawing and creating handmade collages. Besides this, she describes herself as “an avid music and cinema lover, a confident traveller, a mediocre tambourine player and an excellent home dancer”.  As a child she dreamt to become an oceanologist, but having one marine diver in the family and a dozen artists, her art genes won over. However, she still cherishes hope to become a rock star.

• A is for Amos is printed in a 7″ format and bound over 60 pages. It’s available through all good comic shops and through the Avery Hill shop at

• You can find more details of Daria’s work at her website or Follow her on Twitter @daria_h

• You can find the Avery Hillers at and on Twitter @AveryHillPubl

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'A is for Amos' by Daria Hlazatova - B is For Bowie

'A is for Amos' by Daria Hlazatova - K is For Kate, M is for Morrissey

'A is for Amos' by Daria Hlazatova

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