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My Hero was a light-hearted romantic comedy show created by Big Bear Films and the BBC in which an alien superhero living in the British suburbs with his partner often takes everything rather literally.

It was very silly but a lot of fun.

The show starred Ardal O’Hanlon as George Sunday/ Thermoman – replaced in a final sixth season by James Dreyfus – ably supported by Emily Joyce as Janet Dawkins, Hugh Dennis as Dr Piers Crispin, the wonderful Geraldine McNulty as the vicious Mrs Raven and Philip Whitchurch as Tyler. Lou Hirsch played Tyler, a former superhero.

I interviewed Paul Mendelson for Dreamwatch but the interview was never published, but it prompted me to create a small “mini guide” to the show. I’ve started reposting the related features, which were a victim of changes to the site.

My Hero: Meet the Cast

Cast Notes

My Hero Episode Guide

A brief guide to transmitted episodes.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Production Interviews

Superheroes in Suburbia
An interview with My Hero creator Paul Mendelson about the show

Writing to Type: An Interview with Paul Mendelson
An interview with Paul Mendelson about his work as a comedy writer

My Hero: Director John Stroud
An interview with the show’s director, who died in 2009

In Production

Script to Screen – the production process
Paul Mendelson explains how My Hero is brought to our TV screens.

A View from the Audience
Our report from the audience by Dawn Ploughman on the recording of the third season episode, A Little Learning

My Hero Title Sequence
Some behind the scenes images

Web Links

My Hero creator Paul Mendelson’s official web site