New Mike Noble Art Highlight of latest Spaceship Away

On sale in all good comic shops soon is the latest issue of Rod Barzilay’s Spaceship Away comic magazine, featuring all-new comic strip starring the original Dan Dare and a variety of other SF strips including Rocket Pilot, written and drawn by Commando artist Keith Page, Ex Astris by John Freeman and Mike Nicoll, Nick Hazard by Philip Harbottle and Ron Turner, coloured by John Ridgway, and many more.

A highlight of the issue must surely be an all-new Dan Dare centrespread by veteran artist Mike Noble, perhaps best known for his work on TV Century 21 and Look-In – his first SF art, we believe, in years.

But that’s not all, because the issue also includes Frank Hampson’s original Operation Saturn Dan Dare story outline that’s just been rediscovered by his son, Peter Hampson; science fiction author Stephen Baxter has written an article comparing Eagle and TV21; ace downthetubes’ contributor Jeremy Briggs has a look at Dan’s Anastasia and cutaway king Graham Bleathman tackles the craft’s cockpit – a difficult job as the details kept changing in the strip!

Plus, artist Don Harley talks about working with Frank Bellamy; a debate about SF writer Arthur C. Clarke’s involvement in the creation of Dan Dare continues; and the magazine lifts the lid on a hidden bit of Dan Dare Red Moon artwork.

As usual, it’s a packed issue with plenty to keep Dan Dare and SF comic fans happy!

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