New Squaxx on the Block

Over on Comics Village, Shane Chebsey has an interview with the new editors of 2000AD fanzine editor Zarjaz, Dave Evans and Richmond Clements of Futurequake Publishing. The pair take over after a successful run as editor from Colin J Dinnie of Underfire Comics (also interviewed), who is moving on in an effort to devote more time to his writing, as well as have more family hours in his day.

Dinnie talks about regular Zarjaz contributor Nick Dyer’s move to the real 2000AD, and other contributors who have gone on to work on Rebellion’s flagship title, including Al Ewing – a clear example of how working on a comiucs fanzine can open the door to professional work.

The new editors reveal they aren’t planning any changes to what is already a winning formula, although they are looking to increase the page count and frequency. For more information visit a new blog:

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