Planetary Stories with a British flavour…

(via writer Erwin K. Roberts): The coming of the new year also brings new issues of the quarterly sister web magazines Planetary Stories and Pulp Spirit, described by their editor as an online homage to the S-F pulp magazines of the 1930s through the 1950s. Some stories in the latest issues have a British element, hence this news story.

The Planetary Stories masthead proclaims “Galaxies Smashed, Worlds Saved, Time Travelled.” The lead story in the 13th issue is Acroscaphe by Lou Antonelli and Edward Morris. Here, at the height of the Cold War, is a potential First Contact tale. The Royal Navy discovers a strange sphere floating in the mid-Atlantic. A NATO wide team is assembled to investigate.

While Planetary Stories covers the science-fiction and fantasy areas of adventure fiction, Pulp Spirit ranges across many other genres. Issue #4 features two westerns, a Spicy Armadillo story, plus Erwin K. Roberts’ latest contribution.

In “How The Name Came” by Erwin, a Yankee pilot lands (literally) in the middle of a British special operations mission on some of those ‘very special islands’ in the WW2 Pacific Theatre of Operations. Strange and Terrible Things follow.

• Planetary Stories #13:
• Pulp Spirit #4:

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