Rebellion announces immersive live‑action attraction, Judge Dredd Uprising

Rebellion Entertainement and Little Lion Entertainment, the team behind Crystal Maze Live, have announced plans for Judge Dredd Uprising, an immersive live‑action attraction heading to London in 2021.

The project is a brand-new live action attraction from the creators of The Crystal Maze LIVE, the challenge attraction that exploded the immersive experience scene for London’s urban adventurers.

It’s Brit‑Cit 2143, and it’s time to experience the weird thrills of future London across a mega-attraction, plus five zones of mental and skill challenges, a laser-tag combat arena and much more.

A fast, frenetic and fun quest for teams of five set in a weird, wild, wired future.

The two‑hour, immersive live‑action attraction, aims to test both brains and brawn as you and your fellow perps escape from the iso‑block and discover an ultra‑modern, subterranean London.

You will need ingenuity to outwit the iso‑cube, skill to make it out of the iso‑block, before navigating future Piccadilly Circus and its inhabitants, and onto the laser‑tag battle in the Cursed Earth, before the grand finale in the New Old Bailey.

Little Lion Entertainment revolutionised the immersive experiential concept with the Crystal Maze LIVE experiences, when they launched back in 2016. Now they teleport urban adventurers into a surreal, high-action future with Judge Dredd Uprising: The LIVE Experience – a brand new multi-level team attraction based on the satirical and darkly funny world of Judge Dredd.

Judge Dredd Uprising: The LIVE Experience takes Little Lion’s cutting-edge mix of immersive live theatre, fiendish mental and physical challenges, multi-level problem-solving and stunning world-building to a whole new level.

With incredible set design, groundbreaking interactive technology and a real-life cast of crooks, robots & convicts, it’s a new dimension in excitement for friends, colleagues, rivals, gamers and fun-seekers alike.

In the sprawling megalopolis Brit-Cit, the post-nuclear London of the future, all manner of characters roam the streets. But Judge Dredd has discovered a terrible plot – and you and your merry gang of chancers are the city’s only hope!

“This new show is insanely exciting!” says Tom Lionetti-Maguire, Founder and CEO of Little Lion. “The experience is part comic book, part sci-fi film, part immersive theatre, part escape room, part action adventure and part indoor theme park… all wrapped into one.

“This is our second show and I really wanted us to push the boundaries of what audiences can expect, to explore the space between theatre, film and reality. With Uprising we have really achieved that.

“Judge Dredd’s mega-cities are a wild, prophetic and very funny world of future crime, surreal action and crazed citizens… and now you can experience that world for yourself. It’s time to choose your side.”

CEO of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley OBE, owners and publishers of Judge Dredd says “The world of Judge Dredd is the greatest imaginative universe to come out of British comics and we’re proud to bring it to ever wider audiences. Every reader has dreamed of setting foot in a Mega-City, and with Judge Dredd Uprising: The LIVE Experience they can do just that…”

An epic new concept in competitive entertainment, Judge Dredd Uprising: The LIVE Experience is set to be the Capital’s ultimate attraction for fun, parties, get-togethers, corporate team-building, big nights out and even dating (what’s a better way to get to know your latest Swipe Right than breaking out of jail with them?).

Be ready, Citizen. Whether you’ve been banged up for organ‑legging, body‑sharking or just possession of Umpty Candy, it’s time to breakout and traverse the new world before you!

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