Tube Surfing: Three-panel Comics, Interviews, Reviews, Birthday Greetings and Fan Art!

(Above: a piece of fan art for Garen Ewing’s Rainbow Orchid by Sarah McIntyre.)

Tube surf time again…

The Forbidden Planet International blog has really gone to town with their reviews of the DC Comics ‘52‘ re-boot (re-launch?) Here’s a round-up of all their reviews for the first week of that ‘event’ (several of the titles are by Brit creators).
Ed Kaye interviews Rob Williams and D’Israeli for 2000 AD Online about the new series of Lowlife. Plus he also has a chat with Kek-W about his new series, Angel Zero. Ed seems to be that site’s resident interviewer now and, I have to say, he’s doing good work.
Warren Ellis is hosting three-panel comic strips at his blog. Good to see him supporting other comic creators (as ever).
• I hope I get a birthday card from and drawn by Jim Medway when I hit 40.
Sarah McIntyre does great event reports!
And finally, I do like the readers’ art page at Garen Ewing’s website.

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