WebFind: Thunderbirds, Star Trek homage from Gazelle Animations

If you’re a fan of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Thunderbirds, then you may want to sit your kids down in front of Miikshi, streaming now in Canada on TVOkids and worldwide on YouTube.

Miikshi (Gazelle Animation)

The educational show, which includes plenty of affectionate nods to 1960s Supermarionation, is produced by Toronto-based Gazelle Animations, a company formed to create entertainment with the magic of puppetry, model miniatures and animation.

Miikshi follows the adventures of a shy but genius sheep scientist who saves the world one day at a time… quietly.

It’s available to watch on YouTube from Shaftesbury Kids as part of their children’s entertainment channel.

Here’s a trailer from Gazelle Animation…

It should come as no surprise to learn that the company’s clients and production partners include Anderson Entertainment and Century 21 Films, the BBC, CBC Kids, ITV, Shaftesbury, and TVOKids.

From cramped beginnings in the tiny back room of a pizza shop (where pizza orders were literally passing through shots!), Gazelle Automations now sees projects through from concept and fabrication to production, VFX and finishing.

Not content with Thunderbirds homage, the company recently released a beautifully executed mini-sode of Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Animated Series, a Filmation-styled adventure that not brings the TNG cast back as seen in the SF show, in the style of the much-loved Star Trek – The Animated Series.

In a behind the scenes feature, animator Justin T. Lee explains how the project was created to look like a Filmation show, complete with the kind of gaffes seen in ST:TAS, right down to what he believes to be cigarette ash on some film cels creating those mysterious black dots!

Check out Gazelle Animations here on YouTube

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