William, not Billy the Cat

The Beano‘s Billy the Cat artist Nigel Dobbyn tells us he has completed his script for his Victorian-style Billy the Cat adventure “William the Cat”, a ten page strip will appear in the Beano Annual 2010 (out in 2009).

“I’m pleased to say that the script has been accepted without any changes,” says Nigel, “so I’ll be drawing it up over the next few months.

“Since this was so well received, I aleady have plans for writing and drawing further, modern day, Billy strips. I’d never realised writing would be so much fun!”

Nigel has also just completed some illustrations for the next issue of the fanzine Dogbreath, published by the recently Eagle Award-nominated Futurequake team.

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  1. He should be drawing in The Beano comic itself…..a very long wait to see the annual…

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