ZARJAZ, the 2000AD zine, gets set for return

Zarjaz Volume Three

Plans are afoot for the revival of the much-loved 2000AD-inspired comic zine Zarjaz, which ceased publication after the death of the much-missed Dave Evans, aka Bolt-01 in 2021.

Dave’s passing put the not for profit small press title in limbo but writer, musician and artist Andrew J. Lewis, the original editor of Zarjaz, announced its revival last month.

“In 2001 a new small press comic appeared which featured the combined talents of the cutting edge of new creative talent,” he reminded fans on Facebook. “What was unusual about this title was not just that all its stories featured characters from the hallowed pages of 2000AD, but that it had also received the Mighty One’s personal blessing. Indeed, Tharg actually promoted each issue in the pages of 2000AD itself and was regularly sighted scouring its pages for evidence of potential talent that he might employ in the service of his mighty organ! 

“That small-press comic was of course Zarjaz, and in case my name is unfamiliar to you, I was its original editor. In subsequent years Zarjaz saw several editors and dozens of writers and artists indulge in their own brand of thrill-power, ensuring it has sat comfortably in its place as a mainstay of the UK independent comics scene for 20 years or so.”

In 2021, Zarjaz found itself in a forced hiatus when its most recent editor, Dave Evans (aka Bolt-01), sadly died. An integral part of FutureQuakePress and the small press community for years, alongside Richmond Clements and webmaster Barny Shergold the FQP team had regularly published the independent British comic zines FuturequakeDogbreath and Zarjaz, both of the latter highly-regarded homage to 2000AD.

“For a long while it seemed that a line had been drawn under the Zarjaz project” Andrew, who edited the first four issues of the zine, notes, “and as other titles grew in popularity and influence, many readers felt a gap which Zarjaz had once filled… until now!

“Yes, I am very pleased to confirm that recent whispers and rumours regarding the future of Zarjaz to be true. The time has come to officially announce its imminent return!”

So, if you’re an aspiring art or script droid and would like to be part of Zarjaz Volume Three then Andrew invites you to contact him to find out how you might get to contribute. Needless to say, creators who’d had material lined up to feature in the previous incarnation began to quickly make contact with Andrew, but his door is open.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already seen your work in print or not, all will be treated equally,” he says. “If you have an idea for a scrotnig story featuring a 2000AD character, or you think your gafflebette art deserves a wider audience, then Zarjaz wants you!

Zarjaz Volume 3 will also need letterers, colourists and graphic designers, so if you have something to offer, please get in touch.”

For more information contact Andrew via to learn more

We wish him the very best of luck.

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