2000AD available through the App Store

This won’t be announced until later in the week but 2000AD has popped up on Apple’s Newsstand app which is designed for newspapers and magazines. While you can buy digital progs, Megs and graphic novels through Clickwheel or the 2000AD shop, you do have to seek them out and this development makes the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic available on one of the most popular apps for handling this type of content, putting it right under the noses of potential purchasers. This seems a smarter move than developing their own app or even getting on comiXology as it gives them a large audience, as it is built into the Apple operating system (it was part of iOS5, released in October 2011).

Newspapers and magazines that switch to Newsstand have seen large increases in their subscriptions and it has been described as a “an absolutely crucial development for this industry,” as it boosts discoverability and appears not to cannibalise print numbers.They also have a number of deals and offers:

Buy individual issues or select one of our great value subscription options and have the latest issue delivered direct to your iPad every week. Plus, every subscriber gets a range of back issues FREE!

New to 2000AD? To whet your appetite, you can download a FREE 69-page sampler issue. Read the first episodes of top 2000AD stories including Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos, Zombo, and Ichabod Azrael!

2000AD Subscriptions available:

Each single issue can be purchased for $2.99 each (non-subscription)
1-month subscription for $10.99, automatically renewed until cancelled
3-month subscription for $29.99, automatically renewed until cancelled
1-year subscription for $109.99, automatically renewed until cancelled

 It’ll be interesting to see how popular this is.

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