The Paperbook Fanatic Issue 40

Horror author Richard Laymon dissected in latest issue of “The Paperbook Fanatic”

The Paperbook Fanatic Issue 40Issue 40 of Justin Marriott‘s The Paperbook Fanatic is now available from Amazon, the latest in a series of terrific fanzines he publishes through Amazon’s Createspace service, primarily dedicated to vintage paperbacks, but often cross over into comics material.

The Paperbook Fanatic is a full colour, 64-page fanzine for readers and collectors of vintage paperbacks. 64 pages, full colour throughout. It includes articles on horror author Richard Laymon, the American author of suspense and horror fiction, particularly within the splatterpunk subgenre, a feature on TV tie-in paperbacks and a guide to the Italian thriller series Segretissimo, published by Arnoldo Mondadori Publisher since 1961

In this issue:

  • Artists Assemble: Crepax: Sauciness beware! It’s the naughty Italian smut-maestro
  • Go Ape!: Come visit der Planet der Affen with a mini-gallery
  • Robert Bonfils: Sleaze paperbacks favourite painter passed away in 2018.
  • Beware! Richard Laymon: The Fanatic takes on a fistful of horror-perv Laymon’s earliest.
  • Lin Carter Looks At Books: Man of a thousand books, reviews about a thousand books from 1965.
  • Fit To Be Tied: Graham Andrews on Scotland Yard’s finest in Gideon’s Day
  • Behind Every Great Man Is A Woman: Tom Tesarek’s public declaration of his love for his wife … sorry, Fritz Leiber
  • Segretissimo: Rob Matthews definitive guide to the Italian espionage imprint
  • Kings Cross Pulp: James Doig sports his trusty rain-coat as he goes deep-cover in Australia’s legendary sin capital

Earlier this year, Justin released an issue of Hot Lead, which although mainly focused on vintage western paperbacks, has a lengthy article on comic artist Frank Bellamy’s western comics and an overview of the history of western comics.

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• There’s an interview with Justin here about his titles on MensPulpMags

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