Marvel UK in Print: A Quick Guide

Marvel UK fans often comment on the lack of Marvel UK’s “Genesis 1992” related collections, but as we have reported down the years, at least some Marvel stories created in the UK have been reprinted, by Marvel US and Panini. Here’s a quick checklist – additions are welcome.

All the links on the book titles are to Amazon and the descriptions are largely taken from associated sales copy. This list doesn’t include early collections of strips from Marvel UK, only titles still available – although currently, some collections are bizarrely very expensive, such as the first Panini Death’s Head collection published in 2007.

Hulk: From the UK VaultsHulk: From the UK Vaults
by Steve Parkhouse, Steve Moore, Steve Dillon, John Bolton, Dave Gibbons
Published in 2013

In 1979, Marvel UK launched Hulk Comic, a weekly magazine published across the pond that featured all new stories starring the green goliath, produced by a host of up-and-coming British talent.

Bolstered by the popularity of the live-action TV show, the Hulk was a hot property on both shores, spawning original UK-created comic and text stories.

Marvel UK’s vaults are opened and these classic tales, most never before seen on US shores are collected into one massive volume. Collecting: Hulk Comic 1-6, 9-20, 26-28 and more

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Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vault TPB

Cover by David Lloyd

Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vaults
by Alan Moore, Steve Parkhouse, David Lloyd
Published in 2017

Who is Night Raven? Find out in this complete collection of classic tales from the Marvel UK archives! Join the mystery masked vigilante in his pulp-era war on crime, as this lone man of justice stealthily stalks his villainous prey on the streets of New York City…and branding criminals with the mark of the deadly Night Raven!

Follow this dark avenger into battle with mob bosses, murderers and miscreants like the Taxman, the Assassin, Dragonfi re and more -in rarely-seen stories by some of Marvel UK’s finest talents!

Collecting Night Raven material from Hulk Issue 1 – 20, Savage Action Issues 1 – 4, 6, 8, 12-15; Marvel Super-Heroes Issues 382-386, 389-395; Daredevils Issues 6-11; Might World of Marvel Issues 7-17; Savage Sword of Conan Issues 85-92; and Captain Britain (1985) Issues 10-12

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Captain Britain Volume 1: Birth Of A LegendCaptain Britain Volume 1: Birth Of A Legend
by Chris Claremont, Herb Trimpe and others
Published in 2007 by Panini

Collects Captain Britain weekly Issues 1-39, Super Spider-Man 231, and Marvel Team-Up #65-66

Captain Britain Volume 2: Hero RebornCaptain Britain Volume 2: Hero Reborn
by Gary Friedrich, Jim Lawrence
Published in 2007 by Panini

The Lion of London returns in this eagerly anticipated second volume. The UK’s very own Marvel Super Hero exploded onto newspaper stands back in 1976. Now, for the first time ever the classic adventures of the Guardian of the Sceptred Isle and the Defender of the Omniverse are reprinted for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Reprints Captain Britain Weekly #24-39 and Spider-Man & Captain Britain Weekly #239-245.

Captain Britain Volume 3: The Lion and the Spider Captain Britain Volume 3: The Lion and the Spider
by Chris Claremont, Steve Parkhouse, Jim Lawrence, Larry Lieber, John Byrne, John Stokes, Paul Neary, Ron Wilson
Published in 2009 by Panini

The Lion of London returns in this eagerly awaited third volume. The United Kingdom’s very own Marvel super hero, Captain Britain, exploded onto newspaper stands way back in 1976. now, for the first time ever, comes this classic collection of adventures from the guardian of the sceptred isle.

Captain Britain Volume 4 (2010) - PaniniCaptain Britain Volume 4: The Siege of Camelot
by Alan Moore, Steve Parkhouse, Alan Davis, Dave Thorpe
Published in 2010 by Panini

Captain Britain returns to fight alongside the Black Knight and Merlyn to save the fabled Camelot and Otherworld from the hideous hordes of Necromon! Plus, Captain Britain is reborn, as the acclaimed Alan Moore and Alan Davis begin their momentous run and Britain’s hero faces the terrifying Fury!

Collects Hulk Weekly #42-55, 56-63, Marvel Super-Heroes #387-388, Daredevils #1-11 and The Mighty World of Marvel #7-13.

Captain Britain Volume 5: End GameCaptain Britain Volume 5: End Game
by Alan Moore, Alan Davis
Published 2010 by Panini

Captain Britain returns once more, as he battles the terror of the ultimate superhero slayer, the Fury, as well as the Crazy Gang and Gatecrasher and her Technet. The Lion of London also contends with the machinations of the vile Vixen and a final showdown with Slaymaster! Plus, his adventures transport him to an alternative universe where he encounters a dark, twisted version of himself.


Captain Britain: Legacy of A LegendCaptain Britain: Legacy of A Legend
by Chris Claremont, Steve Parkhouse, Dave Thorpe, John Stokes and others
Published in 2016 by Marvel

Honour four decades of myth and majesty with the United Kingdom’s greatest hero! Follow Brian Braddock – handpicked for greatness by the sorcerer Merlyn – from the fateful decision that imbues him with the might of right on the path to glory that will make him protector of the Omniverse! Along the way, he’ll make a splash stateside in a team-up with Spider-Man and fight alongside the Black Knight in the name of King Arthur! Things go from fantasy to far-out as Brian goes Multiversal – facing Slaymaster, the Crazy Gang, Mad Jim Jaspers and the Fury! He’s Britain’s champion – now and forever!

Collecting Captain Britain (1976) #1-2; Marvel Team-Up (1972) #65-66; and material from Hulk Comic #1 and #3-5, Hulk Weekly #57-59, Marvel Super-Heroes #377-384 and #386, Daredevils #3-4, Mighty World of Marvel (1983) #8-12 and Captain Britain (1985) #14.

Captain Britain (2002)Captain Britain
by Alan Moore, Alan Davis
Published in 2002 by Marvel

Captain Britain By Alan Moore & Alan Davis OmnibusCaptain Britain By Alan Moore & Alan Davis Omnibus
by Alan Moore, Alan Davis, Dave Thorpe, Paul Neary, Michael Carlin, Steve Craddock, Mike Collins , Jamie Delano, Chris Claremont
Published in 2009 by Marvel

One of the Marvel Universe’s most staggering sagas from two of Britain’s most remarkable writers, reprinted in total for the first time! Captain Britain fights to save a universe…and fails! But a single reality is small change in the game Merlyn’s playing against Mad Jim Jaspers, who’s rewriting reality so he’s the centre of the universe! Worlds collide, heroes and villains die, and Captain Britain’s beside himself – except when he’s fighting himself…to the death!

Featuring the first appearances of the metamorphic Meggan, Opal Luna Saturnyne, the Captain Britain Corps, and more! Plus: Psylocke joins the X-Men, and the X-Men join Captain Britain on a cosmic quest into the secrets of life and death! The fiendish Fury, the horrific Horde, and the malevolent Mojo are only a few of the adversaries who await within! Also guest-starring the New Mutants and Captain America!

Collects Marvel Super-Heroes (UK) #377-388, The Daredevils (UK) #1-11, Captain America #305-306, Mighty World of Marvel (UK) #7-16, Captain Britain (UK) #1-14, New Mutants Annual #2, and Uncanny X-Men Annual #11.

Captain Britain Volume 1: Birth of a LegendCaptain Britain Volume 1: Birth of a Legend
Published 2011 by Marvel

The most recent collection of the early Captain Britain stories from Captain Britain Weekly etc

Captain Britain Volume 2: Siege of CamelotCaptain Britain Volume 2: Siege of Camelot
by Steve Parkhouse, Jim Lawrence, Larry Lieber
Published 2011 by Marvel

The adventures of Marvel UK’s first all-original super hero continue! Captain Britain thought he had it rough facing foes like the alien Star-Creature, the shape-shifting Black Baron, the mad Doctor Claw and the vicious Slaymaster. But that’s nothing compared to what awaits him when travels to America and teams up with Spider-Man to battle the villainous Arcade, and then battles side-by-side with the Black Knight as they plunge into the heart of Otherworld – where they encounter the mystical Merlyn, the evil Modred and the ancient Nethergods…and must resurrect King Arthur himself!


Collectors should note that the reprints of the Hulk Comic Black Knight strip/Otherworld Saga in the Captain Britain collections differs slightly between the US/Marvel and UK/Panini editions. The UK collections skipped the stories published in Hulk Comic #31 through 41, the origins and early histories of the Black Knight and Captain Britain; they were told via panels clipped from Marvel US titles (Black Knight) and early Captain Britain Weekly (“Captain Britain”), so a lot of people overlook them as just reprints anyway, but they actually contained small amounts of modified and supplemental text that showed how those past stories tied to the Otherworld Saga, such as revealing that Captain Britain’s early foe Hurricane had been empowered by Otherworld’s Nethergods. The US trades included those stories because of those amendments.

Marvel have also published collections of their Captain Britain and MI13 series by Paul Cornell


Death's Head: Volume 1 (2007Death’s Head: Volume 1
by Simon Furman, Geoff Senior, Bryan Hitch
Published in 2007 by Panini

Death's Head: Volume 2 (2007)Death’s Head: Volume 2
by Simon Furman, Walter Simonson, Steve Parkhouse
Published in 2007 by Panini

The cult British freelance peacekeeping agent, Death’s Head returns once again in a collection of his greatest adventures that take him into the far future and into the past as he locks blasters with a host of enemies both villainous and noble, including the Fantastic Four and the corrupt Iron Man of 2020. Once more, the characters’ creator returns with an exclusive introduction. Reprints Death’s Head #8-10, The Sensational She-Hulk #24, Fantastic Four Vol.1 #338, Marvel Comics Presents Vol.1 #76, Strip #13-20 and What If… Vol.1 #54.

A collection of the Death’s Head mini series by Tini Howard and Kei Zama will be released in December 2019

• A new collection titled Death’s Head: Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, is due for release from Marvel in March 2020, ISBN 9781302923365 – read our news item



Dragon's ClawsDragon’s Claws
by Simon Furman, Geoff Senior
Published in 2008 by Panini

The elite law enforcement team of the far future returns! In the dystopian year of 8162 Greater Britain desperately needs heroes; warriors willing to do whatever it takes to safeguard mankind. Consequently, the shadowy government agency N.U.R.S.E. (National Union of Retired Sports Experts) reinstates “”the greatest game players in the world”” to bring order to chaos.


The Knights of Pendragon Volume OneThe Knights of Pendragon Volume One
by Dan Abnett, John Tomlinson and Gary Erskine
Published in 2009 by Panini

Steeped in British folklore and Arthurian myth, the Knights of Pendragon are a new team of heroes charged with saving the planet from the destructive forces of the corrupt Bane! Collects The Knights of Pendragon #1-9.

Marvel Frontier Comics: The Complete CollectionMarvel Frontier Comics: The Complete Collection
Published by Marvel in 2016

A forgotten gem from Marvel UK is uncovered, dusted off and collected in its entirety for the first time! Who is Bloodseed? And what is his mission in a barbarian world of talking pterodactyls, giant lizards and remnants of technology from a long-lost civilisation? Something is haunting author Sam Wantling’s dreams – could he be a Child of the Voyager?

Collecting: Children of the Voyager 1-4, Dances With Demons 1-4, Mortigan Goth: Immortalis 1-4, Bloodseed 1-2, Marvel Frontier Comics Unlimited 1

Read our news item on the Frontier collection here

Star Wars UK

Star Wars: The Marvel UK CollectionStar Wars: The Marvel UK Collection Omnibus (Star Wars: Legends)
Published in 2017 by Marvel

A gigantic hardcover book running to over 800 pages with a price tag of just over £70 in the UK ($100), featuring stories by, among others, Alan Moore, Steve Moore, Archie Goodwin and Chris Claremont, and art by  John Stokes, Walt Simonson, Dave Cockrum and Carmine Infantino.

Edited by Jeff Youngquist, the Collection features all your favourite Star Wars characters – from Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader to the Ewoks, in sensational adventures first published by Marvel UK in the 1970s and 80s.

Read our Star Wars: The Marvel UK Collection Omnibus news item

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Clockwise War CoverWe shouldn’t forget, either, that Panini have collected and continue to collect, the Doctor Who strips from Doctor Who Weekly, Monthly and Doctor Who Magazine.

This list, presented in publication order of the original strips, not the order of publication of the graphic novels, only features the main Panini collections, not Special Editions of the colour collections by IDW. You can find these collections here on Amazon.

The Fourth Doctor

Doctor Who: The Iron Legion
Doctor Who: Dragon’s Claw

The Fifth Doctor

Doctor Who: The Tides of Time

The Sixth Doctor

Doctor Who: Voyager
Doctor Who: The World Shapers

The Seventh Doctor

Doctor Who: A Cold Day in Hell!
Doctor Who: Nemesis of the Daleks
Doctor Who: The Good Soldier
Doctor Who: Evening’s Empire
Doctor Who: Emperor of the Daleks

The Eighth Doctor

Doctor Who: Endgame
Doctor Who: The Glorious Dead
Doctor Who: Oblivion
Doctor Who: The Flood

The Ninth Doctor

Doctor Who: The Cruel Sea

The Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who: The Betrothal of Sontar
Doctor Who: The Widow’s Curse
Doctor Who: The Crimson Hand

The Eleventh Doctor

Doctor Who: The Child of Time
Doctor Who: The Chains of Olympus
Doctor Who: Hunters of the Burning Stone
Doctor Who: The Blood of Azrael

The Twelfth Doctor

Doctor Who: The Eye of Torment
Doctor Who: The Highgate Horror
Doctor Who: Doorway to Hell
Doctor Who: The Phantom Piper
Doctor Who: The Clockwise War

Past Doctors
Doctor Who: Land of the Blind

The TARDIS Data Core site has more information on Doctor Who collections here

IDW PUBLISHING’S Transformers Classics

Titan Books published a number of Transformers UK collections and most of these are noted in Ian Wheeler‘s “Robots in Disguise: A Tribute to Marvel UK’s “Transformers” article we published back in 2014, which includes an issue checklist.

In 2011, IDW Publishing began a series of eight collections under the title The Transformers Classics UK, aiming to reprint the Marvel UK Transformers stories in order of publication, including the Annuals. Note that Volume 3 reprints “Robo-Capers“, the humour strip by Lew Stringer.

Unfortunately, only five of the planned books in the series were published, with Volume Six announced as cancelled after numerous delays in November 2018

Within each volume, writer James Roberts (whose departure from IDW may have been one reason for the cancellation of the series run) provided an in-depth historical introduction which chart the development of the Marvel UK universe over the period of time the book’s stories cover, as well as presenting each individual story with an introductory essay covering its creation, chronological placement in relation to the US stories, and any previous re-printings it may have had, among other goodies such as an original cover gallery.

Artist Andrew Wildman also provided brand new cover art for each book.

Note: The books are ‘US format’, so the reproduced comics are in smaller form than when originally printed and the Titan reprints.

Transformers Classics UK Volume 1• Transformers Classics UK Volume 1
Collects issues #1-44

Features the work of: Simon Furman (Author) • Steve Parkerhouse (Author) • James Hill (Author, Artist) • Mike Collins (Author, Artist) • John Ridgway (Artist) • Jeff Anderson (Artist) • John Stokes (Artist) • Barry Kitson (Artist) • Mike Farmer (Artist) • Will Simpson (Artist) • Geoff Senior (Artist)


“Man of Iron!”
“The Enemy Within!”
“Raiders of the Last Ark”
“Robot War!”
“Decepticon Dam-Busters!”
“The Wrath of Guardian!”
“The Wrath of Grimlock!”
“Robot War II”
“Christmas Breaker!”
“Crisis of Command!”
“Plague of the Insecticons!”
“And There Shall Come…a Leader!”
“Missing in Action”

Features: A Complete History of Transformers UK, Part 1; adverts and ephemera

Transformers Classics UK Volume 2• Transformers Classics UK Volume 2
Collects issues Transformers #45-59

Features the work of Simon Furman (Author) • Ian Mennell (Author) • Wilf Prigmore (Author) • James Hill (Author) • Jamie Delano (Author) • Barry Kitson (Artist) • Will Simpson (Artist) • Tim Perkins (Artist) • John Stokes (Artist) • Jeff Anderson (Artist) • Geoff Senior (Artist)


“The Icarus Theory”
“Dinobot Hunt!”
The Special Teams Have Arrived
“Robot Buster!”
“Devastation Derby!”
“Robot War III”
“Second Generation!”
“In the National Interest”
“In the Beginning…”
“To a Power Unknown!”
“The Return of the Transformers”
“The Mission”
“State Games”

Features: A Complete History of Transformers UK, Part 2; Optimus Prime fact file from Transformers Annual 1986, Megatron fact file from 1986 Annual, “And Now… The Dinobots” fact file from issue #74

Transformers Classics: UK Volume 3Transformers Classics UK Volume 3

Features the work of Simon Furman (Author) • James Hill (Author) • Geoff Senior (Artist) • Jeff Anderson (Artist) • Ron Smith (Artist) • Will Simpson (Artist) • Andrew Wildman (Artist)


“Target: 2006”
“Cybertron: The Middle Years!” (not listed on the contents page)
“…The Harder They Die!”
“Under Fire!”
“Distant Thunder!”
“The Gift”
“Fallen Angel”

Features: A Complete History of Transformers UK, Part 3; A-Z Fact Files, Robo-Capers by Lew Stringer and adverts and ephemera

Transformers Classics UK Volume 4• Transformers Classics UK Volume 4
Collects #113-145 and include the 1987 Transformers Annual and the Transformers/Action Force crossover, “Ancient Relics!”

Features the work of: Simon Furman (Author) • Ian Rimmer (Author) • Geoff Senior (Artist) • Will Simpson (Artist) • Dan Reed (Artist) • Jeff Anderson (Artist)


“Wanted: Galvatron — Dead or Alive!”
“Burning Sky!”
“Fire on High!”
“Vicious Circle!”
“Ancient Relics!”
“Worlds Apart!”
“Kup’s Story!”
“What’s in a Name?”
“Grudge Match!”
“Ladies’ Night”
“Ark Duty”
“Headmasters Saga”
“Doomsday for Nebulos”
“Stylor’s Story”
“The Final Conflict”

Features: A Complete History of Transformers UK, Part 4; a Transformers Trivia Quiz from the 1988 Annual, A-Z Fact Files, adverts and ephemera and Geoff Senior’s art for pages 11-14 of issue #113

Transformers Classics UK Volume 5Transformers Classics UK Volume 5
Collects the UK-specific stories in issues #145 – 179

Features the work of Simon Furman (Author) • Ian Rimmer (Author) • Richard Starkings (Author) • Jeff Anderson (Artist) • Geoff Senior (Artist) • Dan Reed (Artist) • Bryan Hitch (Artist) • Lee Sullivan (Artist) • Robin Smith (Artist)


“The Legacy of Unicron!”
“Enemy Action!”
“City of Fear!”
“Legion of the Lost”
“Deadly Games!”
“Wrecking Havoc”
“The Saga of the Transformers So Far”
“Prime Bomb!”

Features: A Complete History of Transformers UK, Part 5, Adverts and Ephemera, and a European Comic Catalogue

Transformers Classics UK Volume 6Transformers Classics UK Volume 6
Collects issues #181 – #214 of Transformers UK

Featuring the work of Simon Furman (Author) • Ian Rimmer (Author) • Dan Abnett (Author) • Dan Reed (Artist) • Dougie Braithwaite (Artist) • Lee Sullivan (Artist) • Jeff Anderson (Artist) • Andrew Wildman (Artist) • Robin Smith (Artist)Volume 6 – had it been published – would have included the following stories


“The Big Broadcast of 2006”
“Space Pirates!”
“Dry Run!”
“Cold Comfort and Joy!”
“Altered Image!”
“All in the Minds!”
“Time Wars”
“The Fall and Rise of the Decepticon Empire”

Announced features included in-depth interviews with Transformers UK’s creative team, unused artwork, original scripts, and reproductions of Transformers UK’s feature pages, covers, and free gifts information

The Transformers Wiki has much more detail about these releases

With thanks to Stuart Vandal and Philip Ayres


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