Out Now: The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire

Meet Gypsum, Smallpiece, Venables and Tookey – pupils at the increasingly-odd institution known as Blackabbots School. Together, they are The Spencer Nero Club – hardcore fans of 1930s Britain’s greatest pulp hero.

The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire

Secretly guarding contraband artefacts from the nation’s greatest foes, the club members now begin their own series of uncanny adventures – and it all starts when they investigate a local village that’s disappeared in the night!

Who will become their newest member? Will their rabid headmaster catch them out of bounds? And precisely how many werewolves has Spencer Nero fought in his career? The answers will surprise you!

The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire - Sample Art

The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire - Sample Art

The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire - Sample Art

The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire offers a story described by writer Greg Meldrum as “Ripping Yarns, by way of The Twilight Zone“, this is a tale of dubious derring-do and dimensional displacement!

Spinning off from PARAGON comic’s long-running “Spencer Nero” series, this 28-page US format black-and-white volume is written by Greg Meldrum (Martillo, Gallo, The Psychedelic Journal) and features art by Scott Twells (The Adventures of Punk and Rock, Zarjaz, Dogbreath) and letters / design by Filippo (PARAGON, Dogbreath, The77)

The Spencer Nero Club #1: Folklore and Fire is available here from The Work of Knaves in print for £3.00 + p&p – and as a digital edition here for 99p


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