Great British Comic Characters Reinvented: Adam Eterno

Adam Etterno reinvented for a fake Gold Key comic cover by Graham Hill. Adam Eterno © Egmont UK

Adam Etterno reinvented for a fake Gold Key comic cover by Graham Hill. Adam Eterno © Egmont UK

We launched our British Comic Characters Made New Competition earlier this week and we’ve just received our first entry – Adam Eterno by Graham Hill.

First published in Thunder in 1970, Adam was an immortal time traveller, vulnerable only to gold, he’s one of the most memorable heroes from the IPC stable, and is these days owned by Egmont UK.

Created by Thunder editor Jack LeGrand and Tom Tully, initially drawn by Tom Kerr, Adam  survived the comic’s merger with Lion and last appeared on a regular basis in Valiant. Towards the end of the Thunder run, Francisco Solano López took over the art.

The origin of Adam Eterno is retold in this page by Solano Lopez for a 1960s issue of Valiant.

The origin of Adam Eterno is retold in this page by Solano Lopez for a 1970s issue of Valiant.


Joe Colquhoun, John Catchpole, Eric Bradbury, Carlos Cruz and Colin Page also drew the strip and Tod Cowan, Scott Goodall and Donne Avenell also wrote scripts.

For our latest competition we want you to give us your “New Look” to a classic British comic character of your choice, be it Black Max, Doomlord, Steel Claw, The Spider or I-Spy. No decade is off limits, no character – apart from Dan Dare, who we’ve already done.

• Please send your entries to the downthetubes at – no high res files, ideally 1600 pixel width at least and no web links. Entries must be received by 12 noon on Thursday 26th November 2015. Please also include a brief bio and relevant web links to your own work with your entry. Good luck! As usual, the prize will be a random book or comic from our archive!

• For more about Adam Eterno, visit this terrific web site:

• If you’re after some inspiration or would like to see what other have done reinventing British comic characters, we thoroughly recommend you check out Eric Moore’s terrific “Someone Old, Someone New” project, which includes amazing art by the likes of Boo Cook (Gnasher versus Johnny Alpha), Carl Critchlow (The Three Bears versus Thrud), Leigh Gallagher (Janus Stark versus Defoe)!


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