Simon Bisley delivers 2000AD variant Christmas cover – and Jesus Redondo is back in same Prog!


2000AD is bidding UK comics retailers a merry Christmas this year as superstar artist Simon Bisley returns to the comic that launched his career with a special cover.

The legendary weekly anthology has teamed up with Diamond UK to offer comic stores an exclusive retailer variant cover by Bisley, who blazed onto the comics scene with ABC Warriors: The Black Hole and the seminal Sláine: The Horned God in the 1980s, as well as being the artist on the wildly popular Batman/Judge Dredd crossover, Judgement on Gotham.

The variant cover for the bumper end-of-year issue of 2000AD, showing Bisley’s trademark tough-guy Dredd firing away in the line of duty, will be available exclusively from Diamond UK and will be out in time for Christmas.

2000AD Prog 1961 will be a 100-page extravaganza with work by Dan Abnett, Rob Williams, Pat Mills, Richard Elson, and many more. This issue will go on sale in print and digital on 16 December.

More exciting for some, perhaps, than Bisley’s variant cover, is the news that this issue also includes the return of veteran Spanish artist Jesus Redondo on a new Future Shock strip by Martin Feekins, as well as the winning partnership of Rob Williams and Henry Flint, whose Judge Dredd: Enceladus storyline was a major hit with readers earlier this year.

Redondo – perhaps best known to 2000AD fans for his work on Book Two of Nemesis the Warlock for and The Mind of Wolfie Smith from Tornado – drew a one-part Terror Tale, written by David Baillie for the comic in 2011 (in Prog 1737, and returned to the title in 2013 for the three-part story “Rewind”, written by Robert Murphy, which ran in Progs 1856 – 1858 in 2013.

Known in his home country for his work on El Capitán Trueno (Captain Thunder), Redondo’s work was a familiar feature of British comic books in the 1970s and 1980s, having worked extensively for DC Thomson and IPC.

The standard cover for Prog 1961 will be revealed later in November.

The full line-up for Prog 1961 is:

  • Judge Dredd: Melt by Rob Williams & Henry Flint
  • Strontium Dog: Repo Men by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra
  • The Order: In the Court of the WyrmQueene by Kek-W & John Burns
  • Absalom: Family Snapshots by Gordon Rennie & Tiernen Trevallion
  • ABC Warriors: Return to Ro-Busters by Pat Mills & Clint Langley
  • Kingdom: Beast of Eden by Dan Abnett & Richard Elson
  • Future Shock: The Mighty Mykflex by Martin Feekins & Jesus Redondo
  • Sinister Dexter: Blank Ammo by Dan Abnett & Simon Davis

• The Diamond Distribution order details for the exclusive UK retailer variant are: OCT151612 – 2000AD PROG #1961 X-MAS SPEC 2015 PX BISLEY. Check out 2000Ad at

• Read our 2011 “Ten Questions” interview with Jesus Redondo here

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  1. Redondo coming back to 2000AD is an Xmas present all by itself.

    Yeah, that is a fantastic cover – although I’m slightly disappointed this won’t be greeting me when I wander into my local Smiths.

    Speaking of The Biz, does anyone know if we’ll be getting the Mills/Bisley Joe Pineapples strip anytime soon?

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