WarWorldz: Dumping Ground

Concept: Craig Houston and Stuart Jennett

Writer: Unassigned

Artist: Unassigned

After war devastated the planet,  Earth is the Terran Empire’s dumping ground, and not just for chemical and radioactive wastes; for its dissidents, for its mutants, for anything that doesn’t fit in with the way the tyrants want things to be.

Spaceship ‘ports are the only safe places on the planet. From them, mercenaries take huge ‘wagon trains’ of waste out to pre-determined dumping grounds; dumping grounds increasingly further from the safety of the bases and more dangerous to reach.

Those that survive dropping their rubbish in the right place have their pick of anything they find out on the planet along the way (and there’s huge amounts of stuff, including computers, obsolete hand weapons etc.) out there that can be re-sold at a premium on the Border Worlds, where such things are in short supply….

• WarWorldz: Project Overiew

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